uterine rupture

  1. what can uterine ruptures be?
    • complete 
    • incomplete
  2. what is a complete uterine rupture?
    • tear in the all of the uterus 
    • with or without expulsion of the fetus
  3. what is a incomplete uterine rupture?
    tearing of the uterine wall but not perimetrium
  4. when does a uterine rupture usually occur?
    during labour
  5. what are the causes for a uterine rupture?
    • previous C section 
    • high parity 
    • obstructive labour e.g. shoulder dystocia 
    • previous uterine trauma from assisted birth 
    • trauma e.g. seatbelt injury in RTC
  6. what are the S and S of a complete uterine rupture?
    • maternal tachycardia and signs of shock 
    • sudden collapse of mother 
    • severe abdominal pain 
    • vaginal bleeding uterine contractions may stop 
    • fetus may be palpable in abdomen
  7. incomplete rupture
    • may have minimal pain or blood loss 
    • labour may progress normally 
    • disproportionate signs of haemorrhagic shock in the 3rd stage of labour- may manifest as postpartum haemorrhage
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