shoulder dystocia

  1. what is shoulder dystocia?
    a vaginal, head first delivery that requires additional manoeuvres to deliver due to baby's shoulder impacting on the maternal pelvis
  2. how long is the delay from head to body been born?
    60 seconds
  3. what are the risk factors?
    • previous shoulder dystocia 
    • macrosomia >4kg
    • maternal diabetes 
    • induction of labour 
    • prolonged labour 
    • prolonged second stage
  4. what are the S and S?
    • arrest of spontaneous delivery 
    • head remaining tightly applied to the vulva or retracting 
    • fetal head not turning easily
  5. what positions/steps should the mother be placed in if the baby is not born within two contractions following the birth of the head?
    • McRoberts position - axial traction for 30 seconds 
    • continuous suprapubic pressure to fetal back for 30 seconds 
    • rocking suprapubic pressure to fetal back for 30 seconds  
    • Then all fours and attempt delivery
  6. how would you convey a pt who is unable to deliver?
    lateral position with legs separated with blanket to protect baby's head
  7. what should you never do with shoulder dystocia?
    • do not cut the cord before the head is delivered 
    • do not press on the fundus
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