prolapsed umbilical cord

  1. what is a prolapsed umbilical cord?
    • descent of the umbilical cord into the lower uterine segment 
    • before the presenting part of the fetus
  2. what may the cord be?
    • visible at the introitus 
    • felt by the women in the vagina
  3. what is there a risk of with a prolapsed cord?
    cord compression and fetal hypoxia
  4. what is it important to do?
    • visually inspect the introitus 
    • gain consent
  5. what are the 3 types of prolapse?
    • occult prolapse
    • cord presentation 
    • cord prolapse
  6. what are the risk factors?
    • multiparity 
    • pre term
    • breech presentation 
    • multiple births 
    • polyhydramnios- excess membranes- allows cord to be swept down
    • unengaged presenting part
  7. what position should the pt be placed in?
    knee to chest position until ambulance is ready
  8. how should be cord be protected?
    • dry dressing held in place by underwear 
    • hands off cord
  9. how should the pt be taken to the ambulance/ stretcher if closer?
    • walk to ambulance/ stretcher 
    • do not use carry chair
  10. what position should the pt be placed in on the stretcher?
    exaggerated left lateral position with hips slightly raised
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