maternal resus

  1. what is a maternal death defined as?
    a death of a women during or up to 6 weeks (42 days) after the end of the pregnancy
  2. what types of causes of death are there?
    • direct deaths- pregnancy specific 
    • indirect deaths- other medical problems 
    • coincidental deaths- unrelated to pregnancy
  3. what is a late death defined as?
    • death occurring between 42 days and 1 year after end of pregnancy
    • as a result of direct or indirect maternal causes
  4. what is the primary concern with resus?
    the mother
  5. what should always be attempted?
    resus and not terminated in pre hospital care
  6. how long should you do CPR for with no response before going to ED with obstetric unit?
    if no response to CPR after 5 minutes then time critical transfer needs to take place
  7. what should the hand position be for chest compression's?
    slightly higher (2-3cm) on sternum in advanced pregnancy i.e. >28 weeks
  8. after how many weeks genstation should manual uterine displacement to the left be used?
    >20 weeks gestation
  9. what are the 4 H's?
    • hypovolaemia 
    • hypoxia 
    • hypo/ hyperkalaemia 
    • hypothermia
  10. what are the 4 T's?
    • thromboembolism
    • toxicity 
    • tension pneumothorax 
    • tamponade
  11. as well as the 4 H's and T's, what else should be considered for the caused of the arrest?
    • Eclampsia 
    • pre eclampsia
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