pulmonary embolism

  1. what is a pe?
    obstruction of the pulmonary vessels reducing perfusion
  2. how common is a pe in pregnant people?
    10x more common in preg women compared to non preg
  3. when is the highest risk of a pe?
    postnatal period
  4. what are the risk factors of a pe?
    • age (>35) 
    • obesity 
    • previous history of pe
    • gross varicose veins 
    • major concurrent illness e.g. cancer
    • prolonged immobility
    • long haul travel 
    • lower segment C section 
    • prolonged labour (>12hr) 
    • surgical procedures during pregnancy
  5. what are the signs and symptoms of a pe?
    • dyspnoea 
    • tachycardia 
    • pleuritic/ substernal chest pain 
    • apprehension 
    • cough 
    • haemoptysis 
    • syncope/ sudden collapse 
    • signs of DVT- check legs
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pulmonary embolism
pulmonary embolism