1. What is statistics?
    the science of collecting , classifying, presenting, and interpreting numerical data
  2. Data
    The set of values collected for the variable from each of the elements belonging to the sample
  3. Population
    a collection of individuals, or measurements whose properties are to be analyzed
  4. Sample
    a subset or portion of a population
  5. Experiment
    a planned activity whose results produce a set of data
  6. Quantitive Data
    The responses that are measured on numerical scale
  7. Qualitative Data
    The responses that cannot be measured on numerical scale. They can be classified into categories
  8. Parameter
    a numerical characteristic of an entire population
  9. Statistic
    a numerical characteristic of a sample
  10. Statistical Inference
    It is an estimate, prediction, or conclusion about a population, based on information obtained from a sample
  11. Measure of Reliability
    It is a statement about the degree of uncertainty associated with statistical inference or conclusion
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