Leaving cert Biology Genetics

  1. Gamete
    a sex cell, they are haploid cells which are capable of fusion e.g. sperm and egg
  2. Fertilisation
    The fusion of two gametes to form a single cell called a zygote
  3. A gene
    • The section of DNA which codes for a protein
    • Gene's are represented by letters
  4. Alleles
    Different forms of the same gene
  5. Locus
    The positon of a gene in a chromosome
  6. Dominant
    Means that the allele prevents the recessive allele from being represented
  7. Recessive
    The allele is prevented from being expressed by a dominant allele
  8. Genotype
    The genetic makeup of an organism, the gene's that are present
  9. Progency
    The offspring that are produced
  10. Homozygous
    The two alleles are identical
  11. Heterozygous
    The two alleles are different
  12. Incomplete dominance
    Neither the allele is dominant or recessive with respect to the other. Both alleles are equally expressed in the heterozygous genotype to produce an intermediate phenotype
  13. Pedigree
    A diagram showing the genetic history of a group of related individuals.
  14. Autosomes (how many)
    Nonsex chromosomes
  15. How many pairs of sex chromosomes
    1 pair
  16. Male chromosome
  17. Female chromosome
  18. Monohybrid cross
    Involves the study of a single characteristic
  19. Di-hybrid cross
    Involves the study of two chracteristics
  20. Linkage
    Genes are located on the same chromosome
  21. Sex linkage
    A characteristic is controlled by a gene on a sex (x chromosome)
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