Vaginal bleeding

  1. what types of conditions caused vaginal bleeding?
    • menorrhagia 
    • vaginal tissue damage/ trauma
  2. what is menorrhagia?
    • heavy excessive menstrual bleeding (with/without abdo pain) 
    • inter menstrual bleeding
  3. what conditions could be a underlying cause for menorrhagia?
    • fibroids 
    • endometriosis 
    • pelvic inflammatory disease 
    • polycycstic ovary syndrome 
    • underactive thyroid
  4. what 2 things could cause damage/ trauma?
    • post coital tears 
    • consider safeguarding for sexual abuse
  5. how much blood does a Always regular sanitary pad hold?
  6. what 4 types pf conditions cause vaginal bleeding?
    • surgical/medical therapeutic abortion 
    • following gynaecological surgery 
    • colposcopy 
    • gynaecological cancers
  7. what is a medical abortion?
    women sent home with medications to end the pregnancy
  8. what is a surgical abortion?
    • minor op
    • type differs dependant on gestation
  9. how long many bleeding last after an abortion?
    • 1-2 weeks 
    • accompanied by some pain
  10. when should you consider infection after gynaecological surgery?
    after 10 days of bleeding
  11. when should you consider infection after a colposcopy?
    after 7-14 days of bleeding
  12. who has a higher risk of cervical and uterine cancer?
    women over 50
  13. what is called as excessive bleeding?
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