Intestinal Tapeworm Microbiology

  1. Pork tapeworm is ______
    Taenia solium
  2. Taenia solium intermediate host is ___
  3. Larvae (Cysticerci) of Taenia solium is attached to _____ once it is ingested into body
    Small intestine
  4. True/false: pork tapeworm eggs are excreted in feces and passed into the environment
  5. Diagnostic stage of pork tapeworm is _______. Infectious stage is _____
    • Proglottids
    • Eggs
  6. Gravid proglottids with 5 to 10 primary uterine branches in the stool is diagnostic for which tapeworm?
    Pork tapeworm, aka Taenia solium
  7. What is the treatment for T. solium? T saginata? D latum?
    • Praziquantel
    • Same thing for saginata and D latum
  8. True/false: people who do not eat pork can still get cysticerocosis
    True; through fecal oral transmission- - don’t go around eating people poop
  9. Cysticerci can develop where in the human body?
    Any organ, most common in subcutaneous tissues as well as in the brain and eyes – brain and eyes are a/w substantial morbidity
  10. Neurocysticerocosis may cause which neurologic symptom?
    Epileptic seizures
  11. Beef tapeworm is ______
    Taenia saginata
  12. Scolex of T saginata ____(has/does not have) hooklets, while that of T. solium ______ hooks
    • Does not have
    • Has
  13. Which has more uterine branches in the gravid proglottids: T solium or T saginata?
    T saginata (beef)- 15 to 20 uterine branches vs T soliums 5 to 10
  14. True/false: T saginata can cause epileptic seizures
    False; that is T solium that can have neurological effects, Saginata often asymptomatic other than malaise and cramps, sometimes anal itch
  15. Fish tapeworm is ____
    Diphyllobothrium latum
  16. Which tapeworm has scolex with two elongated sucking grooves?
    fish tapeworm, or Diphyllobothrium latum
  17. Which tapeworm is sometimes known as Broad tapeworm cuz of their wider proglottids?
    Fish tapeworm – Diphyllobothrium latum
  18. Which is the longest tapeworm,?
    Diphyllobothrium latum – fish tapeworm
  19. Diagnostic stage for Diphyllobothrium latum is ______.
  20. True/false: like other tapeworm eggs, D. latum eggs are round
    False; unlike other tapeworm eggs, fish tapeworm eggs are OVAL
  21. What is the first immediate host of D latum?
  22. First larval form of D latum is found in which specie?
    Copepod crustaceans. This larval form is called the procercoid larvae
  23. D latum Larvae differentiate into ______ in the muscle of the second intermediate host ______
    • Plerocercoids
    • Freshwater fish
  24. Who is the definitive host of D latum ?
  25. D latum embryo is also called ___
  26. Which tapeworm can cause megaloblastic anemia?
    D latum --- leads to B12 deficiency
  27. Dog tapeworm ____
    Echinococcus granulosus
  28. What is the complication that E granulosus (dog tapeworm) can form?
    Echinococcosis. Larvae cause hydatid cyst disease
  29. True/false: Dog tapeworm are small with 3 proglottids, hooks and suckers
  30. True/false: human is the definitive host for E granulosos (dog tapeworm)
    False; dogs are the definitive hosts; humans are the dead-end intermediate hosts
  31. What is the intermediate host of dog tapeworm?
  32. True/false: eggs of dog tapeworm is liberated by dogs and ingested by sheep/ or human
  33. Dog tapeworm forms ____ embryos that emerge in the small intestine and migrate to the liver
  34. What is the treatment for E granulosus?
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