Abnormal Psychology chapter 12

  1. What did the NHSLS reveal about orgasms by men and women
    29 percent of women reported that they always have an orgasm with a specific partner, compared to 75 percent of men. 

    44 percent of men reported that their partners always had orgasms during sex. 

    The female orgasm is sometimes less clearly defined than male orgasms, so the men might misinterpret what happened or the females are misleading their partners so they feel better.
  2. What are the possible side effects of Viagra
    Headache, facial flushing, nasal congestion, and altered vision, and sudden drips in blood pressure if taken with nitrates.
  3. If a woman whose orgasmic impairment is generalized, what does that look like?
    They have never reached orgasm by any means.
  4. What is another name for gender identity dysphoria in adults
  5. What did Masters and Johnson think it was important to include in treating sexual dysfunction in addition to sensate focus
    Scheduling, education and cognitive restructuring, and communication training.
  6. What percent of women is revealed to be have been forced to participate in a sexual act against their will
    14-20  percent
  7. What is a documented benefit of sex reassignment surgery
    reduced levels of anxiety and depression
  8. If a patient indicates her parents had quite negative attitudes about sexual behavior, what else will you look out for in the interview
    She might feel less close to her husband, have fewer romantic feelings, and less attracted to her husband. She might have trouble becoming aroused and feel guilty for having fantasies.
  9. What do sexual predator laws allow states to do?
    community notification laws- require the distribution of information to the public regarding the presence of child molesters and sexually violent offenders when they are released from prison or placed on parole. 

    Sexual predator laws- keeps some criminals in custody indefinitely.
  10. Because pseudohermaphrodites adopt a male gender identity easily at adolescence, what can you conclude
    They can't produce the hormone that shapes the penis and scrotum in the fetus. Their genitals are ambiguous in appearance.
  11. What can the abuse of alcohol and other drugs lead to
    inhibited orgasm
  12. What is a consequence of being an exhibitionist
    They become aroused by showing their genitals to people.
  13. Phases of the human sexual response cycle
    excitement, orgasm, resolution
  14. What did the SOTEP results indicate
    That a broadly based behavior program focused on education, social skills, and relapse prevention procedures does not lead to better outcomes that a routine period of incarceration.
  15. How is persistent genital pain likely to be referred to
  16. Why are paraphilias compared to addictions
    Because it takes up a lot of time and energy. they feel compelled to engage in certain acts.
  17. Why is the core feature of unusual sexual behavior not deviant sexual arousal
    fetishism and sexual masochism are not pathological if they are practiced voluntarily by consenting adults.
  18. What is the association between testosterone levels and levels of sexual appetite
    Sexual appetite is impaired if the level of testosterone  falls below a particular point.
  19. What are vaginal photometer and penile plethysmographs used to measure
    sexual arousal
  20. What are Megan’s laws called
    community notification laws
  21. how would you describe a man preoccupied with nonviolent sexual fantasies
  22. deficits in ability to process social cues from women and inferiority feelings
    paraphilic disorder
  23. What is the major difference between men and women in the sexual response cycle
    The timing may differ
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