Legislative Branch 2

  1. What two legislative bodies make up the United States Congress?
    The Senate and House of Representatives.
  2. Who is President of the Senate?
    The Vice President of the United States
  3. How many members make up the House of Representatives?
  4. The long-standing idea that states the most important posts in party organization will be held by members with the longest standing records of service is:
    Seniority rule
  5. Age qualifications to be a representative in the House includes:
    25 years old
  6. Congressmen and congresswomen are eligible for retirement or pension when:
    they serve at least 5 years and are 62 years old
  7. Who is one of the Kansas Senators?
    Pat Roberts
  8. Congress is made up of how many members?
  9. What is the major function of Congress?
    to make law
  10. An example of a party officer is:
    House Majority Floor Leader and Senate Minority Whip
  11. What percent of bills make it out of committee?
  12. What is it called when the President refuses to sign a bill and returns it to Congress?
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