1. What is a class "C" bond?
    metallic surfaces bonded by bridging with metallic bond straps
  2. Minimum width of copper bond straps
    3/4 inch wide minimum and .02 inches thick
  3. What is a class B bond?
    metallic surfaces bonded by bolting or crimping
  4. Minimum diameter of aluminum air terminals
    5/8 inches
  5. DC Resistance in a high frequency network?
    shall be less than 1 milliohm .001 ohm
  6. For EMI control what should the electrical bond resistance be at hull penetration be to the ground?
    15 milliohms or less
  7. Ground conductors that provide a path for power, control, and lightning protection maximum DC resistance?
    1 milliohm
  8. Minimum insulation resistance between conductors for multiconductor cable?
    50,000 ohms
  9. Maximum distance for air terminals less than 24 inches in height?
    20 feet
  10. What signal reference system should a high frequency network use?
    Equipotential plane
  11. All work benches shall have signs posted indicating what?
    whether they are electrically safe in accordance with NTSM Chapter 300-H
  12. Down conductor separation on power and comms systems?
    • 1.8 metres
    • 6 feet
  13. Types of equipotential planes?
    1 copper grid embedded in conductor

    2 subfloor of aluminum, copper, phosphor bronze screen

    3 ceiling grid above equipment
  14. Only raised floor type acceptable for an equipotential plane
    The bolted grid (stringer) or rigid grid system
  15. 2M ESD strap total resistance
    800,000 ohm to 2 Megaohms
  16. What signal reference system is used on low frequency networks?
    Signal point
  17. How often shall resistance measurements be conducted on an earth electrode subsystem?
    every 21 months after the initial 12 month period.
  18. Minimum diameter of a solid chipper, brass, or bronze air terminal (lightning)
    1/2 inch
  19. Maximum resistance of an earth electrode subsystem?
    should not exceed 10 ohms
  20. What does an "x" symbol represent in EAL?
    indicates a grounding/ disabled discrepancy
  21. What is ALMIS code CFD?
    carried forward dept used for items that require work during availability
  22. For TCTO "UTB-41 TB1003" What does the 3 indicate?
    the sixth character of the ACMS code is used to track TCTO revisions.
  23. System identification for cable tag RT
    Radio TX control
  24. Deployed units assign what priority to cat 2-3 CASREPS?
    Priority "P"
  25. For TCTO "UTB-41 TB1003" what does the 00 indicate?
    the 4th and fifth characters contain the sequential number within a category
  26. What does the letter "C" indicate on a cable tag?
    "C" designates interior communications
  27. What electronic designation is R-EA?
    EA- Air search radar
  28. What system designation is "R-P"?
    P- Special purpose
  29. What does the letter "G" represent on a cable tag?
    "G" is the designation for fire control
  30. Maximum distance of waveguide supports?
    not to exceed 5 feet
  31. Waveguide is normally supplied in what lengths?
    10-14 foot sections
  32. Distance a waveguide support can be placed to a flange?
    Supports shall not be installed closer than 6 inches to any flange connection
  33. Minimum number of supports for each waveguide section?
    shall be a minimum of 2 supports for each section that exceeds 24 inches in length
  34. What is the minimum slug value for MORAD-VHF-159 VSWR test?
    Slug needs to be 25w minimum w/ frequency range of 156-163 Mhz
  35. What should the SINAD reading be on a UHF XTL-5000 TRANSCEIVER?
    12 db
  36. What would you do if resistance readings of a direction finder antenna were incorrect?
    Clean antenna if resistance was less than 10 Megaohms and retest. Replace if still less than 10 Megaohms.
  37. On PG-500 which lights come on to indicate 100 ms mode?
    Auto, True, Calib come on
  38. What depth sounder setting would you use for deep water?
    • Low frequency
    • 800-1200 feet
  39. What number will Navy cognizant codes have?

    (CI 1-3-B-12)
  40. CG units shall use what advice code to requisition DLR items?
    • "5_"
    • Series
  41. Obsolete ordnance items condition code?
  42. What fund code is for mast preservation, safety matting, and CG One connections?
  43. What fund code is for stuffing tubes, cable transits, hull rings, and foundations?
  44. What cognizant symbol will DOD owned/managed items have?
    Identified with the "7" series cognizant symbol.
  45. Categories of leadership
    • Leading self
    • Leading others
    • Leading performance and change
    • Leading Coast Guard
  46. What is the maximum distance the nearest cable hangers can be to a MCT?
    30 inches maximum
  47. High voltage/ danger signs required on shore equipment?
  48. When is a "Danger high voltage" sign required?
    500 volts
  49. Typical non rotating PEL for bridge master radar?
    non - rotating 35 feet

    Rotating n/a
  50. PEL time for controlled environments?
    6 minutes
  51. HERP standoff fixed beam distance for URN-25 (TACAN)?
    4 feet
  52. Safe distance from UHF/VHF omnidirectional antennas?
    20 feet
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