1. Range and discharge of 18LB PKP
    19 feet for 10 seconds
  2. 2 categories of semi rigid coaxial cables
    1 solid or foam dialectric

    2 Semi air dialectric 5-10 PSIG recommended for air
  3. What is a small tower?
    towers less than 300 feet
  4. What does the color label of rubber insulating gloves represent?
    Maximum safe voltage




  5. What are the two types of UPS's
    Line interactive and on-line
  6. How long are the AIS test transmissions?
    20 seconds
  7. What would you use to cancel a CASREP that has incorrect format for CASREP ID?
    Use a record message to cancel incorrectly formatted, or previously used ID in an initial CASREP
  8. What must be completed upon conclusion of all electronics installations?
    System Operation Verification Test (SOVT)
  9. What does a red label indicate on rubber gloves?
    1000v maximum
  10. Where are LST-5s and PSC-5s overhauled?
    SPAWAR Charleston, 3 LST-5s or PSC-5s per year
  11. Maximum voltage rating of electrical matting?
    3,000 voltage
  12. When must special measures be taken to measure voltage?
    When working on energized circuits rated greater 300 volts.
  13. A radar repeater doesn't need what?
  14. How often shall 2-2-1 connections be inspected?
  15. When shall SESEF testing be scheduled?
    When any availability work item impacted COMMS, after extensive availability, IFF certs have lapsed.
  16. What is the threshold for fall protection for federal employees?
    5 feet
  17. Standard that a full body harness must meet?
    Full body harness must meet ANSI Z359.1-1992 requirements.
  18. What voltage does a white label indicate on rubber gloves?
    7,500 volts maximum voltage
  19. When is double hearing protection required?
    104 db
  20. How often are antennas megged on afloat units?
    monthly or at the end of each extended period
  21. What form is used to change a SOVT?
    A system improvement request form
  22. shipboard grounding and bonding manual
  23. Bonding and grounding standard for buildings
  24. Ordnance items that might ignite or detonate when exposed to an rf environment are called what?
    HERO unsafe
  25. What is SEIPS?
    Secure Electrical Information Processing Systems
  26. Inter-modulation interference
    Results from the generation of frequencies equal to the sum or difference of integral multiples of 2 or more sources when mixed in a non linear junction.
  27. What form do you submit for equipment configuration changes, modifications, relocations or removals
    OPNAV 4790/CK
  28. What is a CG-22?
    changes to manuals, pubs, mpcs, or other technical data
  29. What standards shall electrically safe work benches adhere to?
    NTSM Chapter 300-H
  30. Form required to change the amount of test equipment
    Allowance change request form NAVSUP 1220-2
  31. What do shore personnel use for lockout/ tag-out procedures?
    29 CFR 1910.147 and 1910.331-.335
  32. Article 86
    Absence without leave
  33. CG-6049
    Personal Fitness plan
  34. Article 134
    General Article
  35. Article 15
    Gives CO the power to conduct NJP
  36. CG-4903
    USCG employee hazard report
  37. Form SF-91
    Motor vehicle accident report
  38. CG-5357
    (IDP) Individual development plan
  39. ORM Commandant Instruction
  40. Article 89
    Disrespect toward a superior commissioned officer
  41. Article 88
    Contempt toward officials
  42. Article 92
    Failure to obey order or regulation
  43. Article 31
    Protection against self incrimination
  44. What manual establishes tool control as requirement?
    maintenance management policy COMDINST 4790.3
  45. For TCTO "UTB-41 TB1003" What does the TB indicate?
    they indicate the applicable 51000D chapter based on equipment affected
  46. What is a type 1 bond strap?
    Corrosion resistant steel 1/4 inch wire rope w/ lugs
  47. What is a type IV bond strap?
    flat copper braid
  48. What is a type II bond strap?
    flat corrosion resistant steel with mounting holes
  49. RF impedance across a type 1 bond at 30 Mhz
    Less than 25 ohms
  50. Type 3 bond strap?
    Flat copper
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