1. Max distance for air terminals 24 inches or taller?
    25 feet
  2. Fund code for NTNO SPETE
  3. Fund code for calibrating test equipment?
  4. Fund code for maintaining NTNO equipment?
  5. Fund code is for the removal and storage of antennas?
  6. Fund code to repair or replace equipment?
  7. What fund code will be present in NESSS if an item is free issue?
  8. Can unit morale equipment use AFC 42 funds?
  9. What should the resistance reading on a CEMT-390 be (SSB Antenna)
    Greater than 100 Megaohms
  10. What would you do if deviation level on XTL UHF/VHF radio was incorrect?
    Replace microphone >_ 3.8 kHz <_ 5kHz
  11. What would indicate an error on the PG-500?
    Status LED is off or blinking
  12. AN/SPS-50 NMEA characters "$" or "!" indicate what?
    Start of sentence hex24 or hex21
  13. For SPS-50 radar what does the the NEMA character "*" indicate?
  14. What is the acceptable resistance reading for a CEMT-390 antenna?
    Greater than or equal to 100 Megaohms
  15. In 50 radar NEMA string what would "CR LF" in arrows indicate?
    End of sentence
  16. What is the optimal setting for shallower water and at high speeds?
    High frequency
  17. What is the minimum voltage required for audio output on a XTL UHF/VHF Radio?
    .35 uv microvolts
  18. What depth sounder setting has a maximum depth of 400-700 feet?
    High frequency
  19. How long after transducer PMS completion should you inspect for seawater leakage?
    3 hours
  20. What would you do if a CEMT-390 SSB antenna resistance readings were less than 100 Megaohms?
    Remove antenna test separately. Replace if less than 100 Megaohms.
  21. When shall AN/SPS-73 radar pedestals be replaced?
    73 pedestals are replaced at dockside immediately after the 4th year drydock
  22. In cable tag "6S-4P-31" what does 4P indicate?
    4P= 450 volt power cable
  23. For cable tag R-ES4 what does the R identify?
    R identifies an electronic cable
  24. Letter height on cable tags?
    Shall not be less than 3/16 inch
  25. When must a stuffing tube be used?
    When it requires air + water tight integrity
  26. What are the the steps for the Cornell system?
    Record, Reduce, Recite, Reflect and Review
  27. How do you express dates for business letters?
    Month-Day-Year format
  28. Commissioning pennant
    • Flown 24 hours
    • Signals the cutter is under the command of a commissioned officer
  29. Work life tool free number?
  30. What fund code will be present in NESSS if NIIN is a cost item?
    Fund code field will be blank
  31. What number will Coast Guard COG codes have?
    1,2,3,5, and 7
  32. Definition of PRI codes 095-099?
    • obsolete
    • Declared unsuitable for their purpose
  33. What does a PRI code of 38 or higher mean?
    It is becoming unsupportable and will be soon obsolete.
  34. Definition of PRI codes 022-037?
    Substitute standard approved for use models don't meet standard mil standard
  35. Definition of PRI codes 006-021?
    Standard a priority of 013/014 indicates the model is a standard item
  36. For MILSTRIPS what are priority codes 02 or 03?
    emergency requisitions
  37. What is the routine "R" precedence?
    speed of service is 6 hours or less
  38. For TCTO "UTB-41 TB1003" what does the "T" indicate?
    Indicates that the ACMS code as a TCTO
  39. For cable tag "R-ES4" what does the "ES" identify?
    ES identifies the cable as a surface search radar
  40. For the cable tag "R-ES4" what does the 4 identify?
    4 identifies the cable number
  41. What system designation is R-I?
  42. What electronic designation is R-E?
    E- radar
  43. What electronic system is R-ER?
    ER= Radar Remote indicators
  44. What system electronic designation is R-EE?
    EE= Air search w/ height determining capability
  45. What electronic system is RR?
    Radio Receiver circuits
  46. What designation is R-F?
    F= Weapon control radar
  47. In cable tag (3-125-2)-IP-CIB2 what does the IP indicate?
    IP= 120 volt power cable
  48. What does the letter "R" represent on a cable tag?
    R= Electronics
  49. What does the "O" symbol represent in EAL?
    Open Discrepancy
  50. How long should a bond strap be?
    Length shall be no greater than 5x the width and as short as possible.
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