1. Minimum separation between red cables and exterior walls?
    1 meter (39")
  2. Minimum separation between red processors and an exterior wall?
    1 meter (39")
  3. Minimum separation between a red processor and unshielded black power lines?
    A minimum of 1 meter (39")
  4. Minimum separation between a red processor and RF transmitters?
    3 meters (10 ft)
  5. When is the maintenance overdue on the MDL?
    31 days overdue
  6. Lower tier exposure limit?
    30 minutes
  7. What module would you find the maintenance due list (MDL)
    MDL is a report with the Decision Support System (DSS)
  8. Who is responsible for ensuring scheduled/unscheduled maintenance actions are completed?
    ESO Maintenance Supervisor
  9. Can asset disabling casualties be deferred in EAL?
    No, disabling discrepancies can't be deferred with "CF" or "PP" status. They must remain in an open status.
  10. What are the 2 types of "QA" inspectors?
    Primary and Collateral
  11. When are OTI/OSI inspections for new units?
    Within 3 months of commissioning.
  12. How often are Logistics Compliance Inspections (LCI).
    LCIs are triennial (every 3 years)
  13. What does a "C" represent in EAL?
    Closed Discrepancy
  14. How often shall the ESD Maintenance supervisor review EAL to ensure electronic discrepancies are accurate and up to date?
  15. What must be done with CASREPS prior to entering a MEP availibility?
    Asset must defer all CASREPS until 30 days after the completion of MEP availibility.
  16. How are discrepancies for mission essential parts deferred?
    Discrepancies for mission related parts are disabling and the status is changed to NMCS: cannot be deferred.
  17. Who is the technical authority for OT1?
  18. Who signs maintenance technicians travel MPCs?
    Station EPO or designated rep
  19. How long are completed MPCs maintained locally?
    MPCs are kept for 1 year
  20. For TCTO "UTB-41 TB1003" what does the TB indicate?
    They indicate the applicable S1000D chapter based on the equipment affected.
  21. What CASREP category does the Coast Guard not use?
    Category 1
  22. Manual for HERO?
    NAVSEA OP Vol 2
  23. Manual for HERF & HERP?
    NAVSEA OP3565 Vol 1
  24. What is the caution tag form #?
    NAVSEA 9890/5
  25. What is the Danger tag form number?
    NAVSEA 9990/8
  26. What height threshold is used for construction sites?
    6 feet
  27. What form are antenna megging results recorded on?
    NAVSEA 9210/019
  28. What is the class 2 ESD voltage?
    Susceptible to damage from ESD voltages of 2,000-3,999 volts
  29. For shore units LOTO what is the preferred device?
    Locks are the preferred method for LOTO device because of the greater physical security they provide over tags.
  30. High Voltage/Danger signs are required on afloat equipment at what voltage?
    1,000 volts
  31. Afloat tagout manual?
  32. What standard shall rubber matting adhere to?
    Rubber matting shall be MIL-DTL-15562 compliant
  33. Voltage that is recognized as the PEL for RF burn hazards?
    140 volts
  34. Definition of PRI codes 072-094?

    No longer meets the mil spec approved for use until replacement
  35. Manual for HERP, HERO, and HERF?
    NAVSEA OP-3565
  36. Human body resistance in warm moist marine environment?
    As low as 300 ohms
  37. Test equipment record retention time length?
    Retained for 1 year or after SPETERL validation or physical inventory, whichever is longer
  38. For MILSTRIPS what are priority codes O-5 or O-6?
    Mission impaired requisitions
  39. What is level II Tempest equipment?
    Equipment designed for use in a space between 20-100 meters
  40. For milstrips what are priority codes 12 & 13?
    Routine reqisition
  41. CG Tempest program manual?
    COMDTINST M2241.6
  42. Safety & Environment Health Manual?
    COMDTINST M5100.47A
  43. What is Tempest Level 1 equipment?
    Tempest Suppressed equipment designed for use in any ship or shore environment.
  44. What is a Type III "3" field change?
    Includes a publication material and only a portion of parts, materials, and special tools.
  45. What affect would solvent based cleaners have on rubber matting?
    Will dry out matting and cause curling
  46. What is the focus of LCIs?
    Preformance of business processes associated with modernized assets
  47. Cell phones, pagers, cordless phones, PDAs,and faxes are considered what?
    RF transmitters
  48. How does the Rayolon sleeve seal?
    Roll-on over gel tape.
  49. When underway what zone rating is a ship?
    Zone C underway
  50. When must a unit submit it's manual TE existance and calibration report?
    By the end of the FY second quarter.
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