1. What are women's pump heel height and width allowed to be?
    Heel may be 1 - 2 5/8 inches high and 1/2 inch wide.
  2. What is the maximum width a watch band is allowed to be?
    1 inch
  3. What is the maximum hair length for men?
    4 inches
  4. A travel claim must be kept for how long?
    6 years and 3 months
  5. What is the Coast Guard support phone #?

  6. What is the maximum allowable width of permanent eyeliner?
    1/8 inch
  7. What is the minimum number of years required for taking the SWE for advancement to E-8?
    10 years
  8. A shop's stock should not exceed how many months?
    6 months
  9. What is the minimum number of years a member can be in the Coast Guard and take the SWE for E-9?
    12 years
  10. How wide should bow ties be?
    4 1/2 inches
  11. What is a micro purchase?
    Open purchases $3,000 or less

    Services below $2,500

    or Construction below $2,000
  12. What is the maximum diameter of braids if worn in uniform?
    1/4 inch or less
  13. What is the maximum earrings allowable size?
    4-6mm (1/8 - 1/4 inch) for ball or stud
  14. What is the maximum bulk of hair allowed for women?
    No more than 2 inches.
  15. What is the largest brand you can have on your body?
    Not to exceed 4"x4"
  16. Who got the bronze star at Point Welcome?
    BMC Patterson August 11th, 1966
  17. What is the maximum time period for prototype installation of red processing equipment?
    Shall not exceed 9 months.
  18. How many majors can you choose from at the US Coast Guard Academy?
    8 Majors
  19. On a memo where does the SSIC code go?
    The top right of every page above the date.
  20. Electrical matting for work benches shall have no seams within how many feet of the work bench?
    Within 3 feet or heat welded or chemically sealed if unavailable
  21. When do you need to update a casrep?
    Every 30 days or within 24 hours of a status change
  22. How shall you tighten the bolts on a speed log?
    In a criss cross pattern
  23. What form shall accompany MTI items?
  24. What weatherproofing methods should you use on surface mounted connections?
    Use the 2 - 2 - 1 method
  25. Who is responsible for maintaining the working aloft bill on afloat units?
    The EMO
  26. What is an alternative material that should be considered for metal stuffing tubes in highly corrosive environments?
    Stainless steel
  27. What is the minimum distance stuffing tubes shall be from bulkheads?
    1 inch
  28. How often are antennas megged at shore units?
  29. RF burn hazards are primarily limited to comms frequencies, but are the most common at what frequencies?
    Transmissions in the HF band 2-30 mhz or below
  30. ESD protective areas should maintain what humidity levels?
    Relative humidity between 40% and 60%
  31. How far away should you be from Charlie fires with energized equipment if water is used?
    4 feet
  32. When checking DF accuracy, how far should radio sites be from present position?
    Greater than 1 mile
  33. How long are you required to keep an 1149 for plus the current year?
    3 years
  34. What time should units run their MDL reports?
    0600 EST
  35. What is confidential material?
    It may cause "damage" to national security.
  36. When must you wear non-conductive shoes?
    30 volts or more
  37. What are the 2 approved roll-on sleeves approved for CG use?
    1. Gel in the middle connector protector (GIMCP)

    2. Rayolon sealing sleeves
  38. What should the AWG size be of main ground cable on non-metallic vessels?
    0000 AWG
  39. How must lead acid batteries be stored?
    Stored in a charged state
  40. Parts Pending (PP) discrepancies must have a document number entered within how many hours of deferring the discrepancy?
    Within 72 hours
  41. Max voltage a system can be spliced?
    450 volts
  42. What occurs when a signal from an adjacent channel crosses over into a second channel and modulates the frequency of the second channel?
    Cross modulation
  43. What is the class 1 ESD voltage?
    Susceptible to damage from ESD voltages of 0-1,999 volts
  44. What is the purpose of the extension period on the MDL?
    The extension period was designed to provide time for MPC paperwork to be completed w/o flagging it overdue.
  45. What are the available wave guide bend sections?
    45°, 60°, and 90° bends
  46. How close can you wear rings, jewelry, and glasses to energized circuits?
    4 feet
  47. What is a class 3 ESD voltage?
    Susceptible from ESD voltages of 4,000 - 15,999 volts
  48. What is the resistance of the human body under unfavorable conditions?
    500 ohms
  49. Where should tags be located on a cable?
    As close as possible to each point of connection, on both sides of decks and bulkheads.
  50. What splice forms the strongest mechanical splice?
    Hook splice; largest diameter
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