Vocabulary Workshop 3

  1. Amendment
    A written change to a law or document
  2. citizen
    A person who belongs to a particular country.
  3. censor
    To remove something that is considered offensive.
  4. federal
    Relating to the central government of a country
  5. petition
    To ask the government for something by getting signatures.
  6. surveillance
    The act of watching or tracking someone.
  7. prohibit
    To say that something is not allowed
  8. guarantee
    To promise something or make it certain
  9. express
    To say or show what you think or feel
  10. violation
    An action that breaks a rule, law, or agreement
  11. impose
    to force someone to accept a rule
  12. restrict
    to limit the use, size, or amount of something.
  13. communication
    The process of sharing information.
  14. disruption
    Something that stops an action or event from continuing.
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Vocabulary Workshop 3