Question one of law

  1. What are the 6 exemptions that can be claimed for all categories of patients?
    • stopping on clearways
    • parking within zig zag area of pedestrian crossing 
    • parking within areas controlled by double yellow, white or red lines 
    • stopping the engine whilst parked 
    • parking on the offside of the road at night 
    • parking on a footway, verge or central reservation
  2. what are the 6 main emergency exemptions?
    • exceeding statutory speed limits 
    • treating a red light as a give a give way
    • use of audible warnings at night 
    • observing keep left/ right signs 
    • motorway regulations 
    • entering a pedestrian precinct
  3. what are the 5 extra emergency exemptions that costa told us?
    • entering bus lane at hours of operation 
    • parking in designated bus stop 
    • stopping within a yellow box junction 
    • parking or driving on a cycle track 
    • double parking or parking across a dropped curb
  4. what is an exemption?
    the exemption can be claimed if the observance of that provision would be likely to hinder the use of the vehicle for the purpose for which it is being used on that occasion
  5. what is an exemption 2nd paragraph?
    the driver and trust are oblige,under the corporate manslaughter and homicide act 2007 and road safety act 2006 to afford, at all times, maximum protection to other road users.
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Question one of law
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