Blood products

  1. Packed red cells - used for?
    Used for transfusion in chronic anaemia and cases where infusion of large volumes of fluid may result in cardiovascular compromise.
  2. Packed red cells - obtained by?
    Centrifugation of whole blood.
  3. Platelet rich plasma - use?
    Usually administered to patients who are thrombocytopaenic and are bleeding or require surgery.
  4. Platelet rich plasma - obtained by?
    Low speed centrifugation.
  5. Platelet concentrate - prepared by?
    high speed centrifugation
  6. Platelet concentrate - use?
    To patients with thrombocytopaenia
  7. Fresh frozen plasma - prep from?
    Single units of blood.
  8. Fresh frozen plasma - contains?
    Contains clotting factors, albumin and immunoglobulin.
  9. Fresh frozen plasma - how much 1 unit?
    200 to 250ml.
  10. Fresh frozen plasma - use?
    Usually used in correcting clotting deficiencies in patients with hepatic synthetic failure who are due to undergo surgery.
  11. Fresh frozen plasma - usual dose?
    Usual dose is 12-15ml/Kg-1.
  12. Fresh frozen plasma - should not be used?
    It should not be used as first line therapy for hypovolaemia
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