Alveolar ventilation

  1. What is minute ventilation?
    The total volume of gas ventilated per minute

    - MV (ml/min)= tidal volume x Respiratory rate (resps/min).
  2. Dead space ventilation?
    describes the volume of gas not involved in exchange in the blood
  3. Types of dead space ventilation
    2: anatomical and physiological dead space
  4. What - anatomical dead space?
    Volume of gas in the respiratory tree not involved in gaseous exchange: mouth, pharynx, trachea, bronchi up to terminal bronchioles.
  5. Anatomical dead space - measured by?
    Fowlers method
  6. Anatomical dead space - increased by?
    Standing, increased size of person, increased lung volume and drugs causing bronchodilatation e.g. Adrenaline
  7. Normal value for physiological dead space?
  8. Physiological dead space - what?
    Volume of gas in the alveoli and anatomical dead space not involved in gaseous exchange.
  9. Physiological dead space - increased in?
    ventilation/perfusion mismatch e.g. PE, COPD, hypotension
  10. Alveolar ventilation - what?
    • The volume of fresh air entering the alveoli per minute.
    • Alveolar ventilation = Minute ventilation - Dead space volume
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