901-final review

  1. what does the acronym Bios stand for
    Basic Input Output System
  2. what size is a fill atx motherboard
  3. what expansion slot is found mostly in servers
  4. what devices does the Southbridge interact with
    audio, usb, sata
  5. if they system data and time keeps resetting every time the computer boots, which item is most likely failing
    the CMOS battery
  6. which type of RAM is used in laptops
  7. ram chip that can run both of its sides at the same time
  8. ram chip that can only run one side at a time
  9. buffered memory has an extra chip on the _____ module to handle large amounts of processing
  10. what is the first step to install a video or sound card
    get the drivers
  11. types of expansion cards
    riser, modem, tv tuner, thunderbolt
  12. 4 types of record-able disks
  13. what is hot swappable device
    a hard drive that can be installed or uninstalled into a machine while it is running
  14. how many hard drives are needed at a minimum in RAID 5
  15. which is a tape drive backup method
    grandfather, father, son
  16. which are Intel CPU socket types
    775, 1150, 1366, 2011
  17. which are groups of AMD CPU sockets
    AM, FM
  18. when it comes to CPU's having multiple cores, it does not mean that they have multiple _)____
  19. how many bits can a USB 3.0 support
    5 Gb
  20. types of PC video connectors
  21. which forms of wireless connections are on smartphones
    IR, NFC, bluetooth
  22. which type of rail is dedicated to the CPU of a computer
    dual rail
  23. items requirted for a graphic/CAD/CAM design workstation
    multicore processor, high end video card, at least 8 GB of RAM
  24. most important to virtualization workstation
    RAM, CPU cores
  25. best defines a thin client workstation
    a machine with an operating system, basic applications, and network connectivity
  26. 2 types of LCD monitor panels
    twisted numeric, and in-plane switching
  27. inherent problem when increasing the CPU's clock setting
    temperature may be to high
  28. what does the execute bit do
    disables code execution in the buffer when a worm tries to insert code into it
  29. what type of ram is used to solve memory errors
  30. which port is the best solution for adding a network printer in windows 7
  31. which type of card should be used to record off-air television programs
    video capture card
  32. which components are the most important in a virtualization server
    maximum memory, and quad core CPU
  33. example of a private class B IP address
  34. needs a powerful CPU, high-end video card, and as much RAM as possible
    CAD workstation
  35. voltages normally supplied by a CPU's rails
    3.3V, and 5V
  36. need to make a patch cable to connect a computer to a RJ45 wall jack, what tool should you use to attach the RJ45 plugs to the patch cable
  37. configuring two drives for maximum performance- what RAID type should you select
    RAID o
  38. which connector is most commonly used with POTS lines
  39. describes the function of a switch network
    transmits packets it recieves to specific connections
  40. recommended method for cleaning a laptop screen
    using a dry lint free cloth
  41. 4 connector types you may find on a LCD monitor
    DVI, HDMI, 15-pin, DisplayPort
  42. maximum data transfer rate of IEEE 1394a
  43. storage media types has no moving parts
    solid state drive
  44. common hardware requirements in a home server
    RAID array, and gigabit Ethernet
  45. does not have to do with virtualization
  46. command that verifies the IP address of a gateway on a local computer
  47. what adapter card uses an RJ-45 connector
  48. what print drive do you need to install a printer on a windows 7 professional x86 workstation
  49. port used by DNS traffic by default
  50. electrophotographic imaging process-which of the printers uses a charges corona wire
  51. disperses heat, requires no moving parts
    heat sink
  52. best solution for high-end graphics cards
  53. laptop with dim display-confirmed hardware issue-what should you replace first
    LCD inverter
  54. what feature makes logical processor cores appear as physical cores to the operating system
  55. what cable carries analog video signal across three separate physical channels
  56. should be used when installing or upgrading a CPU to ensure that the heat will be dissipated efficiently through the heat sink
    thermal compound
  57. most common type of networking connector
  58. why should VoIP not be used with satellite internet
  59. non-overlapping channels in the 2.4 GHz wireless spectrum
  60. wireless standard can operate at two different channel widths within the same spectrum at the same time
  61. which RAM type is compatible with PC3-8500
  62. where is the typical location of the Print Test Page button
    on the general tab of the printer properties page
  63. what cable uses a 9-pin connector
  64. storage media with no moving parts
    solid state drive
  65. what is the cause of a computer overheating after 30 min of use
    internal dust buildup
  66. what type of cable needs to be fire resistant
  67. most common type of networking cable
  68. best way for a technician to prevent ESD when installing RAm
    wear a grounded wristband
  69. technology that enables protection against random inconsistencies when storing data
  70. what is the cause for the power supply fan and case fans spin but there is no power to the other devices
    improper connectivity
  71. best solution for high end graphics
  72. what type of drive does a tables use
    solid state drive
  73. printer technology that uses piezoelectric pressure pads to produce small bubbles that are moved to the paper
  74. components located ion the northbridge
    CPU, RAM
  75. best description of a quad-core processor
    single CPu package with four CPU cores
  76. max data transfer rate of IEEE 1394a
  77. what type of adapter card does the NIC use
  78. two common hardware requirements in a home server
    RAID array, and gigabit ethernet
  79. what environmental impact can cause data to be lost
  80. which RAID stripes data across three or more disks
    RAID 5
  81. video ports can send purely digital signals
    HDMI, and DVI
  82. what provides the best cooling for the CPU
    liquid cooling
  83. what material should a computer never be placed on
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