1. you need to ensure that only specific computers are allowed to access specific network resources- what should you use
  2. which would reduce the likelihood of a sniffer attack
    encrypting data transmitted over the network
  3. examples of biometric security
    fingerprint scan, voice scan, retinal scan
  4. windows firewall is
    stateful software firewall
  5. normally login as standard user- need to occasionally run programs that require administrator privileges- want to keep security risk to a minimum- what should you do
    use run as to launch the programs
  6. feature of the SmartScreen filter
    it blocks content and files from known malicious web sites
  7. you need to be able to control what software can be run by specific users logging on to the computers- what should you use
    Applocker, and software restriction policies
  8. what purpose is a network sniffer used
    to capture network transmissions
  9. the term mutual authentication refers to
    users being authenticated with the server and vice versa
  10. when you disable SSID broadcasting
    users must know the SSIDf to be able to connect to your wireless network
  11. server running Windows Server 2008, you want to deploy NAP to enforce compliance for client computers on the network, what client operating  systems are supported?
    Windows XP SP# or later, Windows Vista, and Windows 7
  12. wireless network that you need to ensure only specific client computers are able to access the network, what should you do
    implement MAC filtering
  13. to deploy Network Access Protection (NAP) you must have
    a NAP health policy server
  14. in which situation would you use a Class 1 firewall
    to provide protection for an individual client
  15. Firewall Class
    • Class 1: personal firewall 
    • Class 2: Router Firewall
    • Class 3: low-end hardware firewall
    • Class 4: High-end Hardware firewall
    • Class 5: High-end server firewall
  16. a spoofed email is a message
    has a false sender address
  17. zero-day attack
    an exploit on an unknown vulnerability- persons had no warning
  18. Virus
    malware that requires a host file to propagate
  19. backdoor
    an undocumented administrative portal (root access)
  20. best approach to minimize the likelihood of a client computer being infected with a virus
    restrict the attachments that an email user can receive
  21. which is used for the sole purpose of intrusion detection
    a honeypot- it is a system or program that has no real functional value but is only installed or implemented as a means to detect intrusion
  22. need to minimize the attack surface for your network as the administrator- what would this involve
    ensuring that only required features are enabled
  23. which technology provides security for data that is transmitted over the internet
    secure sockets layer (SSL)
  24. how are software restriction policies used
    to control which software that a user can execute
  25. when securing your network, you would disable inheritance to:
    prevent folder permissions on a folder from being used for subfolders
  26. which protocol can centralize authentication for dial up, virtual private network, and IEEE 802.11 access connections
    RADIUS- vendor-neutral protocol standard that centralizes authentication, authorization, and accounting for carious remote access connections
  27. what should you use to implement a consistent audit policy for your Active Directory domain
    Group Policy editor
  28. you need to create a password policy to ensure that domain account passwords must be reset every 2 weeks-what should you do
    specify a maximum password age
  29. which Microsoft technology employs application white-listing to protect a network
  30. what should you use, you want to ensure that mobile clients receive timely operating system updates, some clients rarely connect to the internal business network
    Windows Update Agent (WUA) can control whether or not the updates are downloaded and installed automatically for each client on an individual basis
  31. implementing security auditing allows you to
    determine if a security breach has occurred
  32. you would use a security group to
    allow only specific users to access specific network resources
  33. a trojan horse  is an example of
    a computer virus
  34. which is the role of a Health Registration Authority (HRA) in Network Access Protection (NAP)
    validating and requesting a health certificate for compliant clients
  35. which technology is used to provide file encryption for removable storage devices
    BitLocker To Go
  36. which users can administer a read-only domain controller (RODC)
    delegated standard domain users and domain administrators
  37. the principle of least privilege ensures that
    users can only perform required task
  38. how does a worm differ from a virus
    a worm is self replicating
  39. which type of malware replicates itself without reliance on a host file
  40. you need to implement security measures to provide maximum protection for client computers, what is one thing that you should do
    ensure that all computers have the most recent updates
  41. a computer that is designed to entice hackers to attack is knows as a
  42. which two statements correctly characterize network cable types and their usage?
    STP cable provides for less interface than UTP cable, category 6 cable supports 10 gigabit ethernet
  43. your wireless network is secures using WEP. you need to improve data encryption to minimize the chance that data transmissions might be compromised. what should you do?
    reconfigure the network to use WPA2
  44. what is the length of a IPV6 address
    128 bits
  45. common ports
    • HTTP:80
    • HTTPS:443
    • DNS:53
    • RDP:3389
    • POP3:110
  46. when you turn on your lap top, and you hear the hard drive spinning, but you see nothing what should you do.
    connect an external monitor and toggle the display
  47. change ink cartridge steps
    open access door, remove old cartridge, click in the new cartridge, close access door, print and scan a calibration page
  48. laser printer prints, each page has white vertical lines running down them , what should you do to diagnose problem.
    clean the corona wire, shake the toner cartridge
  49. customer researching CPU's for use in a server. wants to maximize protection against malware. what CPU feature should the customer look for.
    disable execute bit
  50. what type of printer maintenance kit is this. 
    fuser assembly, transfer roller, pickup roller?
    laser printer
  51. a network engineer tells you that your router has a vulnerabilities that would allow unauthorized user to access servers and network devices. what is your first step
    check for firmware update
  52. how does a smart camera differ from a standard digital camera? (2)
    image editing apps, and wireless communication support
  53. what should you do when you are selecting a power supply to install in a computer.
    determine wattage requirements by adding the requirements for all motherboard components, hard drives, and peripherals
  54. need to connect several Ethernet cables to wall jacks, so that new employees can access your company network. what should you use to insert the cable wires into the keystone jacks that go into the wall plates?
    punchdown tool
  55. what display produces the best image and has the ability to turn off individual pixles
  56. what type of connection is the fastest for a customer.
  57. what type of connections are supported for using a personal hotspot for laptop to have access to internet
    wifi, bluetooth, usb
  58. ip address that indicates that the computer was unable to contact a DHCP server
  59. graphic artist reports that she has trouble drawling correctly on her laptop touchpad used to drawling with pencil, what should you recommend
    a stylus and digitizer
  60. suspect that a power supply on the computer is not working correctly, what 2 tools should you use
    power supply tester, and multimeter
  61. what tool do you use to determine the best channel to use when configuring the access point for wifi
    wifi analyzer
  62. customer monitor goes dark, and the power light goes off after a few minutes the monitor can be turned back on-what do you need to do to correct this problem
    clean the monitor and ventilation slits
  63. what type of docking station should you recommend  for a new iphone
  64. what should you do before attempting to connect a camera if it was unable to install or access device,
    install the device driver
  65. want to enable UEFI and make sure that the feature can not be disabled even if the UEFI is flashed
    install lojack software
  66. what is the purpose of an inverter in a laptop computer
    the inverter controls power to the LCD panel
  67. what type of connection would you expect to find on a UTP CAT 5e cable
  68. need to configure a subnet with a subnet address of and supports up to 1022 host address values. what ip address do you use
  69. company decided to buy plenum-rated cables to run between 2 floors of the building why?
    fire safety standards
  70. what 3 802.11 standards support the 5GHz frequency band
    802.11a, 802.11n, 802.11ac
  71. remote user needs to access windows server 2012 directly using RDP, what feature should you enable on the router
    port forwarding
  72. customer is using a windows PC and all apple devices- wants to enable a air-print printer the customer should do what
    install bonjour
  73. you install an inkjet printer using the USB interface and set the configuration options. what should you do to optimize print quality
    calibrate the ink cartridges
  74. for which of the following should you implement QoS in a small office/home office (SOHO) environment
  75. what 802.11 standard should a business use if they want a range of at least 50 feet
  76. which network technology is used to connect to PAN
  77. what should you do. your wireless network is secures using a WEP. you need to improve data encryption to minimize the chance that data transmission might be compromised
    reconfigure the network using WPA2
  78. what type of motherboard should you recommend if a customer wants to optimize performance and needs to use the latest generation AMD processors with as many expansion slots as possible
  79. what cable should you suggest if a customer wants to run a network cable between two buildings separated by around 2 kilometers
    ingle mode fiber optic cable
  80. customer setting up to run a  small business from a home office, wants to host a web server from home and provide easy public access to the web server and protect the internal home office that already exist
  81. smart phones touchscreen is unresponsive. customer tried to restart and reset. what should they try next.
    contact the manufacturer for repair
  82. selecting an optical data storage media, which media will allow for the max data storage
    blue-ray (BD-R)DL
  83. company is using a RAID 5 disk subsystem for data storage, users are complaining that the performance is slow when trying to get data from the NAS
    a hard disk has failed
  84. which address is an IPv6 multicast address
  85. most important thing to consider when purchasing a printer for a business when trying to watch the budget
    cost per page--- this is going to be the cost of the printer/paper/ink
  86. need to connect 2 network switches, which cable should you use for a 10Gb connection
    category 6a crossover cable
  87. what is the maximum amount of addressable memort that a 32-bit system running a 32 bit operating system can handle
    4GB (gigabytes)
  88. which part of a motherboard connects to the on board graphics controller
    northbridge chipset
  89. customer spills sugary drink on keyboard, what should you do
    pry the keytops loose-clean the keytops in mild soap and water-clean keyswitches with isopropyl alcohol-clean the hinges with isopropyl alcohol-allow everything to dry-reassemble keytops
  90. you need to compare DDR2-667 with DDR3-1600-which statment is correct
    DDR3-1600 has a higher peak transfer rate than DDR2-667
  91. what benefit is provided by dual channel RAM
    increased bandwidth on the bus between the CPU and memory
  92. type of network connection has the highest latency
  93. RJ45 plug on the network cable is broken, what tools do you use to replace the broken plug
    cable stripper, and crimper
  94. what type of usb does an android use
    micro usb
  95. need to install a TV tuner/video capture device in a desktop computer, with the best performance possible, computer has several expansion slots. what one should you plan to use.
  96. customer is concerned about the computers performance wants to know how to increase the sizeof the L1 cache. what should you tell the customer
    replace  the CPU
  97. what reading would indicate that there is a break in the cable when using a multimeter to test the network cable for a break.
    infinite resistance
  98. what 3 configuration setting would you have to ensure are set properly if you are replacing a computer in an office, and want to use the existing network card
    default gateway, ip address, subnet mask
  99. what is the defining characteristic of a phablet
    combines the functionally of a phone and a tablet in a single device
  100. wireless connection drops every time he moves to the kitchen, what problem is occurring
    interference with kitchen appliances, and the distance to the access point
  101. main difference in a smart phone and a phablet
    phablet has a larger screen
  102. what is the maximum capacity of a standard single sided single layered DVD+R
  103. what should you do if a user wants you to configure the computer to prevent any one else from being able to boot it
    set the UEFI user password
  104. want to be able to print from ANY location even when traveling, what technology should you use
    cloud printing
  105. single mode fiber optic
    carries data signals as light making it immune to RFI, has a smaller core typically 9 microns, supports transmissions of over 10 miles
  106. multi mode fiber optic
    carries data signals as light, making it immune to RFI, uses realitivly inexpensive transmitters and recievers
  107. what standard interface supports the highest data transfer rate
  108. what is considered the biggest challenge for wearable technology like smart glasses and smart watches
    battery life
  109. which types of mobile devices have a built in camera
    smart phone, phablet, glasses
  110. what cable should you use to eliminate the possibility of EMI
    fiber optic
  111. implementing a wireless lan at an office and want to provide the maximum data transfer rate, what wireless protocol do you use
  112. you have run 20 network cables for a new office. you do not want to connect them to a switch directly. what should you use to teriminate all wires in a server rack
    patch panel
  113. customer wants to purchase a laptop for productivity applications and gaming and is concerned about a fast refresh rate, what display should you recommend
    TN- twisted nematic
  114. what RAID uses disk striping with mirroring
    RAID 10 (1+0)
  115. north bridge and south bridge are considered to be components of the?
    motherboard chipset
  116. laser printer is printing dim printouts, what is the most likely cause of the problem
    the drum or imaging kit needs to be replaced
  117. need to test an ethernet cable that you suspect is defective
    use a cable tester, use a multimeter to test resistance
  118. what is considered a mobile hardware device
    laptop, smartphone, tablet
  119. what is not a good choice if you want to have expansion options
  120. what type of ram chip would you install into a laptop
  121. typical hybrid setup in a laptop
    HDD for storage, SDD for boot
  122. most common type of laptop battery
  123. safe tool to remove a keyboard after screws are removed
    plastic wedge
  124. hardware device installed under the palm rest, allows a user to insert or wave a device with a chip as part of logging into the laptop
    smart card reader
  125. which type of expansion slot is commonly found in laptops
  126. if laptop can not hold a charge, which internal component is most likely the cause
    DC jack
  127. where are speakers usually located inside of a laptop
    behind the keyboard
  128. hardware piece is often saldered to the motherboard making it hard to replace
  129. OLED displays are most commonly used im which type of device
    mobile devices
  130. TTl display
    accepts digital input
  131. IPS display
    is very sharp with colors
  132. monitor panel uses a backlight that does not require an inverter
  133. capture and send video data with computer
    use webcam
  134. media component is used to capture audio data
  135. what is a digitizer
    a tool used to scan analog information and convert it to digital information
  136. what function keys enable and disable different network capabilities
    cellular, wireless
  137. what is a solution to protect laptops in an office from getting stolen
    physical locks and cable locks
  138. rotating and removable screens are often used with
  139. screen dimensions diagonally of a phablet
    5.5in to 6.99in
  140. 2 table characteristics
    uses SSD's, and consumes less power
  141. gesture on a table that is similar to right clicking on a mouse
    press and hold
  142. restauranter is monitoring and reviewing the restaurants in his are what wearable device would help accomplish the task
  143. type of mobile device has a special screen which tolerates sunlight
  144. purpose of GPS
    shows the user's location
  145. two reasons GPS would not be working
    no signal, network services are disabled
  146. mobile connection has a maximum distance of 6 feet
  147. two devices that can be usedd to set up a mobile hotspot
    MiFi, and smartphone
  148. computer beeps while attempting to boot up, what is the most likely cause
    hardware is not installed properly
  149. integrated video card is malfunctioning- what is the best course of action to get the video working
    install in external card
  150. pc is overheating what is first step you should take to solve problem.
    If a PC is overheating, which is the first step one should take to take to try to solve the problem
  151. computer fans are not spinning at startup-two most likely causes of power problem
    bad voltage, and bad connector
  152. when would POST not be needed
    if there is a POST decoder with an LED on the motherboard
  153. pc having trouble booting-what 3 trouble shooting steps should he try
    double check the cabling-check the Sata port in the BIOS, and put the drive into another system as the non-bootable to see if it is readable
  154. RAID not found error- likely cause?
    the RAID may not be set up properly, Raid may not be supported, the RAID functionally may not be enabled in the BIOS
  155. truth about external closures
    used to hold hard drives so they can be used as external drives, most have SATA compatibility and hold either inch or  inch hard drive, they are good for a drive taken from an old laptop and still needs to be used on a new laptop
  156. disk error messages-what tool can be used to find and fix these
  157. display is not working- after boot there is no image on the screen what needs replacing
  158. computer can not connect to any network. what test can you run to rule out the NIC as the cause
    ipconfig, and ping
  159. slow speeds at a business, equipment is new what can you do to help improve connection
    increase the RF signal, check for interferance, adjust routers to a higher speed
  160. what command do you use to determine if another device is reachable
  161. command to see the default gateway
  162. want to know exact path the network uses what command do you use
  163. want info on the ports and the TCP/IP connections use what command
  164. common use for NBTSTAT command
    display the IP address for a device
  165. NET command would be used to map the Z: drive to the \\tekkievets\tickets
  166. which are purposes of the NETDOM command
    used to join a network to a domain, used to join a windows XP computer to a domain
  167. which is the main purpose of the NSLOOKUP command
    lookup DNS servers
  168. screen is not working on a mobile device what could be affecting the display
    inverter, backlight, video driver
  169. display begins to flicker on the display after turned on. what type of error
    loose connection, and CCFL or inverter failure
  170. notice the battery doesnt charge when plugged in-first thing to check
    be sure the AC adapter is plugged in properly
  171. experiencing intermittent wireless connectivity on laptop-
    reset the network adapter, reset the wireless connection
  172. appropriate way to service a sticky keyboard
    use compressed air, wipe with isopropyl alcohol
  173. best practices for disassembling a laptop
    keep loose parts organized, and document and label cable screw locations
  174. paper is not feeding through the tray on printer-what should you check
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