ABH Questions

  1. What color wand does the TSPO have?
    1 white stubby
  2. When launching off the waist, what must be consulted prior to tensioning each aircraft?
    GO/NO-GO Chart
  3. What are the last words passed on the sound powered phones?
    Taking tension
  4. When are holdback bars installed?
    when a/c reaches the wye plate
  5. What is the radius of the throat of the sound powered phones?
    1 inch
  6. What are the launch intervals for case 3?
    30 seconds
  7. What color wand does the CAT Officer have?
    1 red and 1 green standard
  8. What color wand does an LSE have?
    1 red and 1 green standard
  9. What color wand does the plane checkers have?
    1 blue stubby
  10. What color wand does ordnance safety have?
    2 red standard banded
  11. What color wand does the JBD Safety have?
    1 white stubby
  12. For F/A 18 a/c, weight requirements may need to be changed in how many pound increments?
    100 lbs
  13. Where should the weight board operator be positioned?
    next to the director
  14. What 3 conditions must be met prior to A/C arming?
    • when
    • 1.  JBD is up
    • 2.  launch bar is on top of the shuttle
    • 3.  All personnel is clear fwd and aft of the a/c.
  15. When shall the director signal the pilot to lower flaps?
    when a/c is approaching the CAT.
  16. When is the JBD raised?
    when the tail is cleared
  17. If the JBD cannot be raised, who's permission do you need to continue CAT ops?
  18. When shall a/c be taxied across the shuttle?
    when a/c is fully configured for flight, after being armed
  19. While a/c is approaching the buffer, taxied speed shall not exceed how many mph.?
    4 mph
  20. Who signals the director to taxi a/c over the shuttle?
  21. When should the director give the raised launch bar signal?
    when the TSPO exits the a/c
  22. Who has control of the a/c when it crosses the JBD?
  23. What marks the dimensions of the steam smothering box?
    alternating 1 inch black and white stripes
  24. What is the minimum amount of knots across the bow and waist to launch a/c?
    • bow= 10-15
    • waist= 15
  25. On C-2 a/c, what shall you do prior the giving the tension signal?
    ensure the main landing gear struts is extended
  26. Who does the director pass control to when the TSPO exits the a/c?
    launching officer(shooter)
  27. What is the only JBD that shall have a safety?
    JBD #3
  28. What shall happen after a hangfire?
    shoot two no-loads
  29. What is the signal for a hangfire at night?
    one red standard wand held horizontally over head
  30. When should weight chits be turned into the CAT Officer?
    45 min. prior to the launch
  31. When is starts called away
    45 min prior to launch time
  32. When is manned and ready reports made?
    15 min prior to the launch
  33. When shall personnel man there launch stations?
    30 min prior to launch
  34. How many feet shall be maintained clear from prop arcs?
  35. A minimum of how many buttons are required?
  36. Shuttles shall not remain in battery for more than how many minutes?
    5 minutes
  37. If the shuttle is in battery for more than 5 minutes, what shall be done?
    shuttle shall be advanced then retracted prior to launching
  38. What is the responsibility of the Air Boss?
    all operational, training, admin., watch and equipment repair functions within the Air Department
  39. What is the responsibility of the Mini Boss/Assistant Air Officer?
    assist the air boss
  40. What is the responsibility of the Handler?
    all a/c movement on the flight and hangar decks
  41. What is the responsibility of the Flight Deck Officer?
    safe and efficient movement of a/c on the flt dk., Security of a/s and the cleanliness of the flt dk
  42. What are the duties and responsibilities of the ADECK?
    responsible to the FDO for admin and training to V-1
  43. Who is the a/c integrity watch responsible to underway when not at flt ops?
  44. Who is the integrity watch responsible to when inport or at anchor?
  45. Who orders tiedown requirements?
    Handler or his representative
  46. Who is responsible for initial tiedowns?
  47. When is initial tiedowns required?
    prior to a/c movement and after a/c is parked
  48. When is intermediate tiedowns required?
    when at flt ops and when a/c isn't scheduled to be moved
  49. When is heavy weather tiedowns required?
    When ordered by the Handler
  50. What is the tiedown requirements for F/A 18 a/c?
    • Initial= 6 permanent= 12
    • Intermediate= 9 heavyweather= 18
  51. What are the tiedown requirements for an E-2?
    • initial= 6
    • intermediate= 9
    • permanent= 12
    • heavyweather=18
  52. What are the tiedown requirements for an H-60?
    • initial= 4 
    • intermediate= 6
    • permanent= 12
    • heavyweatler= 16
  53. During recovery who is the only personnel authorized in the port catwalk?
  54. Who's permission shall personnel get to cross the L/A during recovery?
    Arresting Gear Officer
  55. Where shall authorized personnel cross the L/A and why?
    10 feet aft of the #1 wire to prevent tripping
  56. What color wand does the A/G TSPO have?
    1 red and 1 green standard
  57. What color wand does the Gear Puller have?
    2 amber standard
  58. How many barricades are there and what are they?

    • 1. fixed wing
    • 2. props
    • 3. training
  59. How many feet off the ground is the barricade raised?
    20 feet for fixed wing and 21 feet for props
  60. What color wand does the weight board operator have?
    1 white stubby
  61. How long is a stubby wand?
    3 inches
  62. How many parts to a wand?
  63. What is the thickness to the band on a wand?
    3/4 of an inch
  64. Who can suspend a launch?
  65. What is a hangfire?
    the CAT doesn't fire within 10 seconds after the fire button is pushed.
  66. How many personnel does it take to emergency lower a JBD?
    8 personnel
  67. On F/A 18 a/c, the emergency brake accumulator pressure gauge shall read what before towing?
  68. On F/A 18 a/c, where can you find the boarding ladder and canopy release switch?
    door #8
  69. On E-2/C-2 a/c, when pumped to full, how many brake applications through rudder pedals and through emergency brake handle?
    • pedals= 12
    • brake handle= 3
  70. Whose approvals do you need to move E-2/C-2 over 40 knots?
  71. On E-2/C-2, how many chains do you need for a high power turn-up?
  72. What is the primary purpose of the hangar bay?
    long term parking and parking for maintenance
  73. Who is responsible for the overall cleanliness of the flight deck?
  74. How often shall the entire flight deck be scrubbed?
    every 10 days
  75. Who is overall responsible for the cleanliness of the hangar deck?
    hangar deck officer
  76. When is FOD walkdown conducted?
    1 ½ hours before flight ops and at sunset
  77. What are the primary and secondary spots for de-arming helos?
    • pri= 4
    • sec= 3
  78. When shall de-arming commence on helos?
    after engines are shut down
  79. Who approves movement of no brake aircraft?
  80. At what angle shall chock walkers walk chocks?
    at a 45 degree angle abreast the main mount
  81. How shall E-2/C-2 a/c be approached and exited?
    at a 90 degree angle to the main mount and aft of the props
  82. At a minimum, a/c shall have what level of tiedowns when going to the hangar bay
    intermediate= 9
  83. Who authorizes a/c elevators to be lowered during heavy weather?
    the handler or higher
  84. Who grants permission to move a/c in-port
  85. When locking or unlocking the tailwheel of an SH-60, the towbar attached shall not be moved how many feet port and stbd?
    2 feet
  86. On H-60's the APU is referred to as what engine?
    #3 engine
  87. If the APU is down on 60, how can it be started?
    by a huffer
  88. What should be done on an H-60 prior to going to the hangar bay and why?
    tailwheel strut must be extended to allow enough clearance for a spotting dolly
  89. On F/A 18 a/c, how many batteries and where are they located?
    2 batteries and they are located behind doors 10L and 10R
  90. Where can external power be hooked up on F/A 18a,b,c,d a/c?
    door #9
  91. On F/A 18 a/c, rearwheel towing shall not be attempted if the nosewheel strut is extended how many inches?
    11 inches
  92. On F/A 18E/D a/c, external power can be applied through what door?
    door #8
  93. Who gives permission to removed tiedowns from helo's?
  94. What side of the ship does helo's depart?
    port side
  95. Who gives permission to launch and recover helo's while the ship is in a turn
  96. What spot shall helo's with fwd firing ordnance not launch or recover from?
    spot 7
  97. What is condition 1?
    helo spotted for immediate launch
  98. What is condition 2?
    spotted for immediate launch and flt crews standing by in the ready room
  99. What is condition 3?
    towbar on, parked so it has direct access to a launch spot, rotors con be folded, designated to move crew assigned to that helo
  100. What is condition 4?
    same as condition 3 except minor maintenance can be performed
  101. What is required if a/c is going to be taxied or towed in close prox. (5ft. or less)?
    wing and tail safeties
  102. How far shall qualified personnel be from unqualed personnel?
    1 arms length
  103. Who ensures each personnel receives safety briefs prior to each deployment and again after one week long in port?
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