1. Feeling Negative
    • Don't let the devil win.
    • Keep your faith.
    • Don't trust your mouth when your hear it bitter.
  2. Depressed and sorry for myself
    God loves me; Spending time in God's presence changes me; Go out and show someone love.
  3. Feeling Selfish
    Don't stop people enjoying themselves just because I am not … find something fun to do!!
  4. Speak to the baby.
    Love the baby in the womb.
    Love the young child.

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    • Baby, you are alright.
    • God has sent you for a purpose.
    • God loves you and will protect and look after you.
    • You are not responsible or to blame for peoples reaction to you.
    • You were made to feel deeply, but it is ok to forgive and let go of the guilt and hurt now.
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