Actual Unit 1

  1. Why did the French and Dutch settle North America?
    To try to find the new land without the british knowing
  2. What was the first permanent English settlement in North America?
    Roanoke, then Jamestown
  3. How did John Smith help to save Jamestown?
    He brought people that he knoew would build a colonie and make it work
  4. What rold did JOgn Rolfe play in Jamestown?
    He established it and made cash crops there
  5. WHat colony did the Puritans settle?
  6. What colony did the Quakers settle?
  7. What was a writ of assistance?
    allowed British customs officials to search any colonial building
  8. Who wrote "Common Sense"?
    Thomas Paine
  9. What was teh Sons of LIberty?
    A protesting group against the British Government
  10. What was the fisrst military battle of the American Revolution?
    Bunker Hill
  11. Where did the continential army score its first win?
    Battle of Trenton
  12. Name the final battle of the American Revolution
    Battle of Yorktown
  13. What was the Annapolis convention?
    An act to try and stop taxing
  14. What major issues were discussed in the Philidelphia Convention?
    Amending the Articles of Confederation
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