Foot & ankle - Short answers

  1. List 4 key radiographic relationships seen in a Lisfranc fracture
    • An AP widening of the intermetarsal space between 1st and second
    • on lateral dorsal subluxation 2nd MT
    • On Obliqe 4th MT in line with medial border od cuboid
    • On AP 2nd MT in line with medial aspect of middle cuneiform

    Fleck sign
  2. Patient with a type 3 bunionnette deformity with large intermetatarsal angle (between 4th and 5th). List 3 things you would do surgically
    • Resection of part of 5th metatarsal head
    • Oblique diaphyseal rotational osteotomy
    • Medial release of 5th MTP
  3. Child with multiple ankle sprains treated non-operatively. Pain in anterolateral aspect of ankle and symptoms for 3 months. No pain with ADLs. Unable to run more than 20 minutes. You are told that he has a tarsal coalition. List 2 treatment options at this time
    Non operative: cast immobilization x 6 weeks + NSAID's

    Resection of coalition vs. ST fusion +/- TAL
  4. 10 year old child with pain at a prominence of foot medially. Firm and tender to palpation, non-mobile. Symptoms for 3 months. Shown an x-ray with an accessory navicular. List the treatment options at this time (2).
    • Shoe wear modification
    • NSAID's activity modification
    • Excision if failed conservative
  5. List 3 complications of performing an open repair of an Achilles tendon rupture vs. closed treatment.
    • Infection
    • Sural nerve injury
    • Skin breakdown
  6. DM is a common cause of Charcot arthropathy of the foot and ankle. List 3 other causes.
    • Alcoholism
    • Syphilis
    • Congenital pain insensitivity
    • Myelomeningocele
  7. List 5 conditions to be considered if you are thinking about treating an Achilles tendon rupture operatively
    • Age
    • DM
    • Smoking
    • Lifestyle: elite athlete
    • Peripheral vascular disease
  8. List the 4 structures of the ankle syndesmosis
    • PITF
    • AITF
    • Inferior transverse ligament
    • Interosseous ligament
  9. List 5 causes of a cavovarus foot in an adult
    • CP
    • Cerebrovascular accident
    • Peripheral neuropathy: CMT
    • Spinal cord injury/lesion
    • Residual clubfoot
  10. List 4 nerves to block in an ankle block
    • Sural
    • Saphenous
    • Superficial peroneal
    • Deep peroneal
  11. The Lisfranc joint in the foot is stabilized by both ligaments and bones. A - List 4 important bony and ligamentous features that stabilize the Lisfranc joint B - What is the location of the strongest Lisfranc ligament (dorsal vs plantar)?
    • 2nd cuneiform is keystone in metatarsals (roman arch)
    • Plantar TMT ligament
    • Dorsal TMT ligament
    • Lisfranc ligament
    • Intermetatarsal ligaments 2-5

    Strongest is plantar
  12. List 4 muscles that act as inverters of the sub-talar joint
    • Tib Post
    • Tib ant
    • FHL
    • FDL
    • EHL
  13. Describe the orthotics for a subtle cavus foot
    • Medial arch support
    • Recession for 1st MT
    • Lateral wedge to correct valgus
    • Heel cushion
  14. When performing a Chopart amputation, what two things can you do to prevent equinus?
    • Do TAL
    • Transfer Tib ant to neck of talus
  15. 6 Other causes of lateral pain in a 12 year-old girl with recurrent ankle sprains?
    • Tarsal coalition
    • Infection
    • Tumor
    • Peroneal tendon subluxation
    • OCD
    • Syndesmosis injury
  16. Describe the foot position and the beam position when doing a Canale view of the talus.
    Foot maximum equinus and 15 degrees pronation

    xray 75 degrees cephalad from horizontal

    Best for assessing talar neck
  17. Describe 6 clinical/pathoanatomic findings in a flexible flat foot (pes planus).
    • Too many toes sign
    • Hind foot valgus
    • Forefoot abduction
    • Hindfoot valgus reconstitutes with plantar flexion
    • Full painless subtalar ROM
    • Tight TAL
  18. List the 7 CANMEDs domains
    • Medical expert
    • Professional
    • Collaborator
    • health advocate
    • Scholar
    • Communicator
    • Manager
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