1. Purpose of vent fog precipitator
    to remove entrainted oil mist from the vented air of the reduction gears before it discharged into the engine space
  2. Precipitator operates on what?
    • - 120vac
    • - 60 hz
    • - single phase
  3. What is the power pac used for?
    to convert electrical power to high voltage 10,000 vdc
  4. Precipitator circuitry
    • half-wave voltage doubler
    • consist of high-voltage xformer
    • 2 selenium rectifiers
    • 2 capacitors
  5. Power Supply Assembly
    • a self-regulation type
    • known as a constant-voltage xformer
  6. Resonating Winding
    • X3-X4 wires
    • connected to resonatiing capacitor
    • serves to hold power supply voltage at a constant level
    • designed to limit the output power
  7. Surge Limiting Resistor
    • connected to the hight voltage power supply
    • limits the current of an arc and provides protection for the capacitors
  8. Negative output of the power supply
    connected to ground thru a surge limiting resistor
  9. What happens when the operating voltage drops to below its minimum requirements?
    lamp will go out
  10. How does the access cover safety switch works?
    when cover is removed, the contacts are open and de-energizes the primary of the power supply
  11. Components of the precipitator
    • ionizer electrode
    • electrode chuck
    • high voltage tube
  12. How is the assemply held?
    • held inside the collector tube by an insulator
    • insulator also serves to electrically insulate the hight-voltage assembly
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