1. What is the screening test used to diagnose all anemia’s?
  2. What is the diagnostic test for thalassemia & sickle cell anemia?
    Hemoglobin Electrophoresis
  3. Hemoglobin electrophoresis is used to diagnose what 2 anemia’s?
    Thalassemia & Sickle Cell Anemia
  4. A patient has a low Ferritin level, what type of anemia does the patient have?
    Iron Deficiency Anemia
  5. The patients Ferritin level is normal/high what type of anemia does the patient have?
    Thalassemia Minor/Trait
  6. Patients who have chronic illness or autoimmune illnesses are at higher risk for what type of anemia?
    Normocytic Anemia
  7. What is another name for pernicious Anemia?
    B12 Deficiency Anemia
  8. What type of symptoms will a patient exhibit with pernicious/B12 Anemia?
    Neurological Symptoms (such as tingling/numbness)
  9. What is a cheap screening alternative to diagnosis sickle cel anemia?
  10. A patient’s parietal antibody/intrinsic factor antibody test are elevated. What type of anemia does the patient have?
    Pernicious Anemia
  11. Macrocytic Anemia?
    Pernicious Anemia
  12. A patient’s MCV is >100 (macrocytic), what 2 levels should the provider order?
    B12 & Folate
  13. MCV < 80
  14. MCV 80-96
  15. MCV > 96
  16. Microcytic, hypochromic anemia is considered what 2 types of anemia?
    Iron Deficiency Anemia & Thalassemia
  17. Thalassemia is seen most commonly in people from what decent?
    Mediterranean (Asian)
  18. Average Lifespan of normal RBC?
    100-120 days
  19. COPDers & people who live at high altititudes may have a H&H that is higher or lower?
    Higher (polycythemia)
  20. Which lab test describes the RBCs size?
  21. Which lab test describes the RBCs color?
  22. What does a serum ferritin level tell you?
    Measure of iron in storage
  23. Best absorbed and cheapest iron supplement?
    Ferrous Sulfate (take 4 hours later if patient took antacid)
  24. How much elemental iron should a patient recieve who take iron supplementation?
    150-200mg Elemental Iron
  25. What does reticulocyte count measure?
    Indicates ability of bone marrow to produce RBCs
  26. Foods rich in iron?
    • Meats (red)
    • Peas/Beans
    • Dark, green, leafy vegetables
    • While grains
  27. A patient complains of burning of the tongue that is caused by B12 Deficiency Anemia. What is this condition termed?
  28. A patient who has thalassemia has what type of anemia in regards to their MCV, MCH? What will their iron levels be?
    Microcytic Hypochromic

    Iron will be normal in thalassemia patient
  29. A patient who has thalassemia should NOT be given what supplement?
    Never give iron supplement to thalassemia patient
  30. A normocytic, normchromic Anemia is often associated with what?
    Anemia of Chronic Disease
  31. Alcoholics are at high risk what type of deficiencies?
    B12 & Folate
  32. Patients who have a gastrectomy are at risk for what anemia?
  33. Multiple myeloma is a cancer of what type of cells? Will also have proteinuria with what type of proteins?
    Plasma cells

    Bence-Jones Proteins
  34. How do you differentiate between IDA & Thalassemia?
    Order Iron studies - Ferritin low IDA, normal in thalassemia
  35. Most sensitive test for IDA?
    Serum Ferritin
  36. Most common cause of IDA?
    Blood loss
  37. Koilonychia is associated with which anemia?
    • Iron Defeciency Anemia
    • (Spoon shaped nails)
  38. What are food sources with Vitamin B12?
    All foods from animal origin (meat, eggs, milk, cheese)
  39. What foods are good sources of folic acid?
    Leafy Green Vegetables (kale, collard greens), grains, beans, & liver
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