1. HIV is the initial infection the followed by AIDS approximately 10 years later. AIDS is defined by a CD4 count less than what?
    200 cells/mm - (which indicates prophylaxis for opportunistic infections)
  2. Routine annual screening for Chlamydia Trachomatis & Gonnorhea in all sexually active females younger than what age?
  3. When should you repeat testing if a patient tested positive for Ghonorrhea?
    3 months due to high rates of reinfection
  4. Most common STD in US?
    Chlamydia Trachomatis
  5. Treatment for Chlamydia Trachomatis?
    Azithromycin 1g PO


    Doxy 100mg BID x 7 days
  6. DNA probe used for screening on what 2 STDs?
    Ghonnorrea & Chlamydia
  7. What infection is most likely to produce a purulent green discharge from vagina or penis?
  8. Uncomplicated infections of cervix, urethra, rectum, & pharynx should be treated with what first line? (3 things)
    Ceftriaxone 250mg IM + Azithromycin 1g PO -OR- Doxycycline 100mg PO x 7 days

    (Rocephin IM + Chlamydia Tx)
  9. Treatment of Syphillis?
    Benzathine PNC (Bicillin) 2.4 million u IM
  10. Which STI is associated with a positive chandelier test?
  11. Which STD is associated with involuntary weight loss?
  12. What is Trichomoniasis treated with?
    2g Flagyl single dose
  13. Treatment of HSV?
    Antiviral such as acyclovir
  14. What is used to diagnose Bacterial vaginosis and yeast?
    Wet Prep
  15. What is the confirmatory test of HIV?
    Western Blot
  16. What test is used to screen for HIV?

    (Western Blot confirms)
  17. Ghonorrea should always be cotreated with what other infection?
  18. What antibiotic should you prescribe pregnant patients with Chlamydia?
  19. If pt has Chlamydia should you co-treat for ghonorrea?
    No, unless indicated
  20. Gen probe should only be used where?
    Urethra & Cervix
  21. What is Fritz-Hugh-Curtis Syndrome?
    Chlamydia/Gonococcal infection of the liver capsule resulting in extensive scarring of the liver capsule and abdominal contents.
  22. How should Fritz-Hugh-Curtiz Syndrome be treated?
    Treated as a complicated gonorheal/chlamydial infection (14 day treatment)
  23. Where might a patient have pain if they have Fritz-Hugh-Curtis Syndrome? Why?
    RUQ - because it’s where your liver capsule is
  24. An acute febrile reaction that can occur in the first 24 hours after treatment that is most likely to occur after treatment for early syphillis is called?
    Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction
  25. A pt has STD symptoms with new onset red swollen knee (or another joint) may be caused by what infection?
    Disseminated Ghonorrea Infection
  26. RPR or VDRL is used for screening for which infection?
  27. What test is used to confirm Syphillis?
  28. How much decreased should a patient’s titers be if they’re responding to Syphillis treatment?
    Four Fold
  29. Any patient with Syphillis or men who are queer what should you test them for also?
  30. Secondary signs of Syphillis are what?
    Maculopapular rash on palms/soles
  31. Which test tests for HIV virus directly? (Antigen Test)
  32. First line drug to treat for PCP in patients who have a CD4<200?
    Bactrim DS (use dapsone 100mg PO if allergic to sulfa)
  33. A patient has leukoplakia of the tongue and recurrent candidiasis (thrush). What should you rule out?
    HIV infection
  34. When should a pregnant women with HIV begin taking (zidovudine) AZT to help reduce the perinatal transmission by 70%?
    2nd trimester
  35. Where is HSV-1 located?
  36. Where is HSV-2 located?
  37. What 2 HPV strains are carcinogenic?
    16 &18
  38. What medicine do you treat genital warts with?
    Imoquimod (Aldara) 5% Cream

    (Apply Thin Layer 3x/week @ bedtime for 16 weeks. Do not cover. Leave on skin 6-10 hours the wash off.)
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