1. What is a positive Cullen sign and what does it suggest?
    Blue discoloration around the umbilicus and is indicative of Acute Pancreatitis
  2. What is a Grey-Turner’s sign and what does it suggest?
    Blueish discoloration in the flanks indicative of Acute Pancreatitis
  3. Positive Rovsing’s Sign?
    Acute Diverticulitis
  4. Periumbical pain that is acute & may start at McBurney’s point is indicative of what condition?
    Acute Appendicitis
  5. Area located between the superior iliac crest and umbilicus in the RLQ ?
    McBurney’s Point (Acute Appendicitis)
  6. Positive Murphy’s Sign suggests?
  7. RLQ intermittent abdominal pain 1 hour after eating. Diarrhea with Mucus. Fever, malaise, weight loss. Higher risk of colon cancer.
    Chron’s Disease
  8. High levels of acid in the stomach causing severe gastric ulcers. Patient will complain of epigastric pain. Stools may be tarry.
    Zollinger Ellison Syndrome
  9. Screening for Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome
    Serum fasting gastrin level
  10. Obturator Sign - how do you do it & what does it indicate?
    Rotate Right hip through full range of motion - pain with flexion of hip as patient is lying supine

    Indicates Acute Appendicitis
  11. What maneuver do you have the patient lie supine and Flex hip 90 degrees and ask patient to push against resistance and to straighten leg?

    (Acute Appendicitis)
  12. What Sign do you do Deep palpitation of LLQ results in refered pain to the RLQ? Indication?
    Rovsing’s Sign

  13. Gold Standard test to diagnose GERD?
    Esophageal Motility Studies
  14. Main concern for chronic heartburn/GERD?
    Barrett’s Esophagus
  15. How is Barrett’s Esophagus diagnosed?
    Upper Endoscopy with Biopsy
  16. Severe midepigastric pain that radiates to the midback is common with what condition?
    Acute Pancreatitis
  17. Why is Barrett’s Esophagus concerning?
    Precancerous- increases risk of esophageal cancer
  18. First line treatment for GERD?
    Lifestyle (lose weight, small meals, no mints, no caffeine, no alcohol, no NSAIDs)

    2nd OTC antacids/H2 blockers

    3rd PPI
  19. Another name for Markle Test?
    Heel Jar
  20. Abdominal guarding,rebound, boardlike abdomen. Patient has no appetite.?
    Acute Appendicitis
  21. Fluctuating bowel movement patterns characterized by recurrent abdominal pain?
  22. Treatment for IBS?
    Increase Fiber
  23. How is H. pylori diagnosed?
    Upper endoscopy with biopsy
  24. Worrisome symptoms with GERD?
    Dysphagia, iron deficiency anemia (blood loss), weight loss, hemoccult positive
  25. Tx of H. Pylori positive ulcers?
    -Triple Therapy (Clarithromycin + Amoxicillin x14 days + PPI for 6-8 was)

    -Quadruple Therapy (Bismuth, Flagyl, Tetracycline, PPI)
  26. H. pylori Negative Ulcer treatment?
    Lifestyle changes + PPI or H2Blockers
  27. Best diagnostic test to diagnose Diverticulitis?
    CT Scan
  28. Best diagnostic test for Cholecystitis?
  29. Best diagnostic test for bowel obstruction?
  30. Treatment for acute Diverticulitis?
    IV Abx

    (Uncomplicated case, tolerating P.O. intake & low grade fever - manage with outpatient ABX - Cipro/Flagyl)
  31. Abdominal Pain accompanied by elevated triglycerides?
  32. What must a person have to become infected with Hep D?
    Hep B
  33. What Hepatitis has the highest risk of cirrhosis and liver cancer?
    Hep C
  34. Lone elevation in the GGT may be indicative of what?
  35. Hep C Test?

    What do you order if that test is positive?

  36. Hep A anti-HAV + IgG
    Immunity (infection Gone)
  37. Hep A anti-HAV + IgM
    Acutely Infected
  38. Hep A - IgM & IgG
    Never infected or immunized——- needs immunization
  39. Screening for Hep B?
    HBsAG (Hep B Surface Antigen)
  40. Anti-HBs tells you?
    Whether the pt is immune to Hep B through shot or not
  41. anti-HBs tells you?
    Whether the patient has had Hep B (pt may be chronically or previously infected)
  42. ALT > AST what should you think?
    Viral Hepatitis
  43. AST > ALT?
    • Alcohol
    • Statins
    • Tequila
  44. Higher levels of Alk Phosphate are normal in who?
    Teens with growth spurts
  45. If patient has current Hep B infection what can you give?
  46. When patient focuses on hand their vertigo symptoms stop. Is this peripheral or central vertigo?
  47. What is associated with bloody, mucus & pus stools?
    Ulcerative Colitis
  48. What is recommended first for an initial treatment of uncomplicated case of H. pylori negative peptic ulcer disease?
    Misoprostol (Cytotec)
  49. What type of grain can be eaten by a patient with Celiac Disease?
    Rice Cereal
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