Maddie vocab 9/13

  1. abrupt
    happening suddenly; without warning
  2. achieve
    to do what one sets out to do
  3. attempt
    to try; to make an effort
  4. contempt
    a feeling that someone or something is bad or unworthy
  5. entertain
    to interest and amuse
  6. glimpse
    to get a quick look at
  7. mock
    to make fun of
  8. persist
    to keep on doing or trying
  9. persuade
    to wim someone over by arguing or asking
  10. phase
    a stage in a series of changes
  11. quaint
    odd or unusual in a pleasing or old-fashioned way
  12. recall
    to remember
  13. reject
    to refuse to accept or use
  14. revise
    to go over carefully in order to correct or improve
  15. sensitive
    quick to notice or feel
  16. bawling
    crying out in a noisy way
  17. coyote
    a small, wolflike mammal living in many parts of North America
  18. dudes
    people raised in the city, expecially Easterners who vacation on a ranch
  19. roundup
    the act of driving or bringing cattle together from long distances
  20. spurs
    metal points worn on a rider's boot heels for urging a horse onwards
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