Bordetella pertussis Microbiology

  1. Shape and Gram stain of Brodetella pertussis:
    • Gram negative
    • Coccobacilli
  2. Which growth media do Bordetella pertussis grow on?
    • Bordet-Gengou
    • Regan-Lowe
  3. See Bordet Gengou agar and Regan Lowe agar, think which bacteria:
    Bordetella pertussis
  4. Is Bordetella pertussis vaccine preventable?
  5. True/False: Bordetella pertussis has a human reservoir and is part of the normal microbiota
    False; it does have a human reservoir but is definitely NOT normal microbiota
  6. Bordetella pertussis is aerobic or aerobic?
  7. Major virulence factor for B. pertussis:
    • Adhesins
    • Exotoxins
  8. Does B. pertussis have adhesins?
  9. B. pertussis produces exotoxin or endotoxin?
  10. What are exotoxins produced by B. pertussis?
    • Tracheal cytotoxin
    • Pertussis toxin
  11. What is tracheal cytotoxin?
    Exotoxin produced by B. pertussis targeting and destroying ciliated tracheal epithelial cells
  12. What is pertussis toxin?
    A major virulence factor for B. pertussis, an AB exotoxin that results in lymphocytosis
  13. True/False: B. pertussis results in neutrophilia
    False; it results in lymphocytosis, which is uncommon for bacterial infections
  14. How is B. pertussis transmitted?
    Respiratory droplets
  15. What is the toxin that destroys cilia?
    Tracheal cytotoxin
  16. True/False: B. pertussis directly invade cells and spread deeper
    False; pertussis toxin disseminates, bacteria do not invade cells directly
  17. What does B. pertussis cause?
    • Whooping cough
    • Pneumonia most common complication
  18. How is B pertussis diagnosed?
    • Culture + PCR recommended
    • Marked lymphocytosis
    • Nasopharyngeal swab
  19. True/False: Culturing B. pertussis should occur early on (<4 weeks) in the infection
  20. How is whooping cough treated?
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