1. Which of the following is NOT a description of a pregnancy?

    D. All are descriptions... Pregnancy is similar to a tumor (BECAUSE we all exist because of highly proliferating cells)
  2. What is the only type of muscle cell that proliferates?
    A wounded muscle cell
  3. T/F Cell Death is important to the life of an organism?
    TRUE (we dont want to replace our neuron cells on a daily basis... and we dont want colon cells to last forever because of the bacteria and enzymes they are subjected to)
  4. Which of the following are we born with and last a lifetime?

    D. ooyctes (our eggs)
  5. Why do we make more memmories if neurons last us a lifetime?
    All though we dont make more... there are more CONNECTIONS
  6. Which of the following does not describe apoptosis?

    E. SUICIDE... (negative and apoptosis is for the GREATER GOOD)
  7. What causes inflammation?
    White blood cells (lymphocytes)
  8. Slow death, old age, natural or purposeful
  9. Homicide, fast death, inflammation
  10. What is this describing?
    -Small blebs form; the structure of the nucleus changes
    -The blebs fuse and become larger: no organelles located in the blebs
    -The cell membrane ruptures and releases the cell's content the organelles are not functional
  11. What is this describing?
    -Small blebs form
    -The nucleus begins to break apart, and the DNA breaks into small pieces. The organelles are also located in the bleb
    -The cell breaks into several apoptotic bodies; the organelles are still functional
  12. Each cell can develop into ANY cell type
    Totipotent (pre-blastocyst stem cells) TOTALLY POWERFUL to ∆ into any cell they want)
  13. Each cell can develop into a LIMITED selection of cell types
    Pluriportent (embryonic --> adult stem cells)
  14. Where do the totipotent cells occur?
  15. Inside our bone marrow what kind of stem cell creates ALL our blood cells?
    HEMATOPOIETIC stem cells
  16. When red blood cells die where will the new ones come from?
    bone marrow
  17. When white blood cells die, where will the new ones come from?
    bone marrow (hematopoietic stem cells)
  18. T/F Stem cells are pretty much IMMORTAL?
    True... not that much research so for now yes... immortal
  19. When platelets get used up by clotting, where do the new platelets come from?
    bone marrow
  20. Which type of stem cell therapy does not require a close genetic match?

    B. CORD blood (because a baby is not as differentiated as an adult)
  21. Name the 3 most common stem cell therapies for hematopoietic stem cells in bone marrow
    • 1. bone marrow transplant
    • 2. blood transplant
    • 3. cord blood
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