T-45 Avionics Failure

  1. SADS Degrade/Failure Indication
    • May be indicated by a SADS DEGD status, blanked or corrupt data, or a C AUG and/or NWS AUG caution light with associated Master Caution.
    • If only a portion is malfunctioning, the displayed data associated with failure will be blank.
  2. SADS Complete Failure - Items Loss
    HUD - KIAS, TAS, Mach, Baro Alt, A/A Reticle, A/G reticle, Bomb Impact line

    MFD - KIAS, TAS, MACH, Baro Alt, Wind Direction and Speed

    System - C AUG (caution immediately), NWS AUG (may not illuminate until weight on wheels), Slats (217-knot relay inop)
  3. Generator Failure
    • Right MFDs and HUDdrop off line
    • Left MFDs, DEU, SADS powered by 28 VDC essential for 2 minutes (unless ORIDE selected)
    • All training failures deselected
    • Left MFDs turn to ADI
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T-45 Avionics Failure
T-45 Avionics Failure