Lymphatic system

  1. what are 3 functions of the lymphatic system?
    • tissue drainage 
    • absorption of fluid in small intestine 
    • immunity
  2. how much fluid is leaked from blood plasma into the tissues per day?
  3. How much fluid does the lymphatic system drain from the tissues back into the circulation per day?
  4. what material is absorbed in the small intestine into lymphatic vessels?
    • fat 
    • fat soluble materials
  5. what the lymph organs?
    spleen and thymus
  6. What are the 6 structure that make up the lymphatic system?
    • lymph 
    • lymph vessels 
    • lymph nodes 
    • lymph organs (spleen & thymus) 
    • diffuse lymphoid tissue e.g. tonsils
    • bone marrow
  7. What colour and consistency is lymph?
    clear watery fluid
  8. what does lymph transport?
    • plasma proteins that have leaked from capillaries back into the blood stream
    • large particles to be filtered and destroyed by lymph nodes
  9. What does lymph contain and where does it originate from?
    • lymphocytes 
    • originates from red bone marrow
  10. Where do lymph capillaries originate?
    blind ending tubes in interstitial space
  11. How to large lymph vessels prevent back flow?
    contain valves
  12. how is lymph moved along the large vessels?
    muscles rhythmically contracts
  13. Where do the large lymph vessels eventually join?
    They join to form 2 ducts which empty the lymph into the subclavian veins
  14. What veins do is the lymph emptied into?
    subclavian veins
  15. Where is lymph drained through?
    lymph nodes
  16. what do lymph nodes do?
    destroys damaged and foreign tissue cells by marcophages and antibodies known as phagocytosis
  17. What are the two lymph organs?
    • spleen 
    • thymus
  18. What is the largest lymph organ?
  19. What does the spleen contain?
    lymphocytes and macrophages
  20. What do lymphocytes and macrophages do in the spleen?
    destroy old/damaged erythrocytes
  21. how much blood does the spleen store?
  22. What does the thymus gland do?
    matures lymphocytes
  23. What do lymphoid tissues contain?
    lymphocytes to allow early detection of antigens
  24. What does an antigen cause?
    stimulates the body's immunological response
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