Medical Term Ch 5

  1. An/o
  2. append/o
  3. bucc/o
  4. cec/o
  5. ceil/o
    belly, abdomen
  6. cholecyst/o
  7. dent/i
  8. duoden/o
  9. enter/o
    intestines, small intestines
  10. choledoch/o
    common bile duct
  11. col/o
    colon large intestine
  12. colon/o
  13. espohag/o
  14. faci/o
  15. gastr/o
  16. gingiv/o
  17. hepat/o
  18. ile/o
  19. jejun/o
  20. labi/o
  21. lapar/o
  22. lingu/o
  23. gastrojejunostomy
    new opening between the stomach and the jejunum; anastomosis
  24. labial
    pert. to the lips
  25. sublingual
    pert. to under the tongue
  26. submandibular
    pert. to under the lower jaw
  27. orthodontist
    dentist specializing in straightening teeth
  28. periodontist
    dentist specialising in the gums
  29. endodontist
    dentist specialising in operating within the tooth (root canal specialist)
  30. palatoplasty
    surgical repair of the palate
  31. pancreatitis
    inflam of the pancreas
  32. peritonitis
    inflam of the peritoneum
  33. pharyngeal
    pert. to the throat
  34. palatopharyngoplasty
    surgical repair of the palate and throat
  35. proctologist
    specialist in the anus and the rectum
  36. pyloroplasty
    surgical repair of the anus and rectum
  37. rectocele
    hernia of the rectum
  38. sialadenitis
    inflam of salivary glands
  39. sigmoidoscopy
    visual exam of the sigmoid colon
  40. stomatitis
    inflam of the mouth
  41. uvulectomy
    removal of the vulva
  42. amylase
    enzyme that digests starch
  43. biliary
    pert to bile
  44. hyperbilirubinemia
    excess bilirubin in the blood
  45. cholelithiasis
    abnormal condition of gallstones
  46. achlorhydria
    lack of hydrochloric acid
  47. gluconeogenesis
    prodcution of new sugar from proteins and fats (by the liver)
  48. hyperglycemia
    high blood surgar
  49. glycogenolysis
    break down of glycogen to form suagr (glucose)
  50. lipoma
    tumor of fat (benign)
  51. lithogenesis
    formation of a stone (calculus)
  52. protease
    enzyme that digests protein
  53. sialolith
    salivary (gland) stone
  54. steatorrhea
    discharge of fats (in feces)
  55. lipase
    enzyme to digest fats
  56. hematochezia
    bright red blood in the feces
  57. choledocholithiasis
    condition of stones in the common bile duct
  58. postprandial
    pert to after meals
  59. perianal
    pert. to surrounding the anus
  60. appendetomy
    removal resection of the appendix
  61. appendicitis
    inflam appendix
  62. buccal mucosa
    the mucous membrane mucosa lining the cheek
  63. cecal
    pert to the cecum
  64. celiac
    pert. to the abdomen
  65. cheilitis
    inflam of lip
  66. cholecystectomy
    removal of the gallbaldder
  67. choledochotomy
    incision of the common bile duct
  68. colostomy
    new opening of the colon to the outside of the body
  69. colonic
    pert. to the colon
  70. colonoscopy
    process of visual exam of the colon
  71. dentibuccal
    pert. to tooth and cheek
  72. enteroclolitis
    inflam of large intestine
  73. duodenal
    pert to the duodenum (first part of the small intestine)
  74. entercolostomy
    new opening between the small and large intestines (anastomosis)
  75. mesentery
    membrane that holds the intestines together
  76. parenteral
    pert. to apart from the intestines, (delivery system)
  77. gastrostomy
    new opening into the stomach thru the abdominal wall, (introducing food)
  78. hypoglossal
    pert. under the tongue
  79. hepatoma
    malignant tumor of the liver, hepatocellular carcinoma
  80. ileocecal sphincter
    pert. to the ring of muscles between the ileum and cecum
  81. ileitis
    inflam of the ileum
  82. ileostomy
    new opening of the ileum to the outside of the body
  83. choledochojejunostomy
    new opening between the common bile duct and the jejunum, anastomosis
  84. serum bilirubin
    measurment of bile pigment in the blood
  85. stool culture
    placement of feces in a growth medium
  86. barium enema
    xray exam of the lower GI tract
  87. abdominal ultrasonography
    imaging of abdominal visecera via sound waves
  88. stool guaiac (hemoccult)
    test to reveal hidden blood in feces
  89. small bowel follow thru
    sequental xray of small intestines
  90. Percutaneous Transhepatic Choloangiography
    PTHC inject of contrast thru skin to liver to xray bile vessels
  91. insertion of a tube thru the nose into the stomach
    nasograstic intubation
  92. transverse xray of abdomenal organ
    CT scan of abdomen
  93. Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography
    ERCP contrast via endoscope to xray pancreas and bile duct
  94. reduction of stomach size and gastrojejunostomy
    gastric bypass bariatric surgery
  95. insertion of endoscope to use ultrasound to visual of GI trac
    endoscopic ultrasonography
  96. percutaneous removal of liver tissue followed by microscopic examination
    liver biopsy
  97. visual exam of abdominal viscera thru small abdominal incisions
  98. gastrostomy (g tube)
    new opening of stomach to the outside of body for feeding
  99. TPN:
    total parenteral nutrition, intravenous injection of nutrition
  100. PUD
    peptic ulcer disease, caused by H. Pylori
  101. EGD
    esophagodudodenoscopy: endscopic visual of upper GI tract
  102. IBD
    inflam bowel disease, condit of Crohn Disease and ulcerative coloitis
  103. BRBPR
    birght red blood per rectum, Hematochezia
  104. LFT's
    liver function tests measures ALT, AST, ALkPhos, serum bilirubin
  105. HBV
    hepatitis B virus, causing inflam of liver
  106. -ectsasis, ectasia
    stretching, dialation, widening
  107. bronchiectasis
    stretching due to infection inflamation
  108. -emesis
  109. hematemesis
    vomiting blood due to varices or peptic ulcer
  110. -lysis
    destruction, breakdown, separation
  111. hemolysis
    red blood cells are dystroed
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