Chapter 14 Review

  1. - Francis Galeton, In writing his textbook on fingerprints, built on the groundbreaking work in this area by?
  2. - The fingerprint classification system, used in most English speaking countries was devised by?
    Sir Edward Henry
  3. - Who was Will West?
    A man who had about the same measurements, exactly like a new prisoner
  4. - It is estimated that there are as many as ____ ridge characteristics in an average complete fingerprint.
  5. - The most commonly encountered ridge characteristics (used by AFIS) are?
    Bifurcation and ridge ending
  6. - What is the minimum number of ridge characteristics necessary before two fingerprints can be identified as the same?
    No minimum exists. Final determination must be based on experience and knowledge from an expert
  7. - When are fingerprints formed?
    Fetal Development
  8. - Describe the friction skin ridges.
    Provide a firmer grip and resist slippage
  9. - The pores in the sweat glands are located in the?
    Skin ridges
  10. -Prints that are not readily visible are commonly referred to as?
    Latent prints
  11. -What occurs when the dermal papillae is damaged?
    Permanently alters fingerprints and produces scars
  12. - Who tried to destroy their fingerprints with corrosive acid?
    John Dillinger
  13. - Which person listed below attempted to destroy his fingerprints with corrosive acid?
    John Dillinger
  14. - The most common ridge pattern is?
  15. - Compare the number of deltas found in an arch to that in a loop.
    Less than
  16. - In a primary classification system, a finger is assigned numerical value if its pattern is a?
  17. - What percentage of the population falls into the 1/1 primary classification category?
  18. - In the primary classification system, the left index finger has a potential value of?
  19. - Compare the value of ridge patterns in determining the uniqueness of a fingerprint to the value type and position of ridge characteristics.
    Less than
  20. - What is AFIS?
    Computerized system for storing and retrieving fingerprints
  21. - The AFIS ____ determines the degree of _____ between the location and relationship of the minutiae between the questioned fingerprint and those in the database.
    • =Search algorithm 
    • =Correlation
  22. - Describe Livescan images of fingerprints.
    • =Are sent to the AFIS database electronically
    • =Have eliminated the need for inked prints on paper cards
    • =Are captured when the subject's fingers and palms are placed onto a glass pattern
  23. - Prints impressed in a bar of soap are referred to as?
  24. - Investigators can use ___ to detect latent fingerprints without use of chemicals or powder.
  25. - Ninhydrin is used on latent print to detect?
    Protein Material
  26. - Physical developer contains what?
    Silver Nitrate
  27. - What process and in which order should chemical treatments to visualize latent prints be performed?
    • 1. Iodine fuming
    • 2. Ninhydrin
    • 3. Physical developer
  28. - What is the process that is most often used in conjunction with chemically induced fluorescence to visualize latent prints?
    High- intensity light sources
  29. - Describe digital imaging.
    • =Once the image is produced, it can be manipulated and enlarged
    • =It produces an image composed of pixels
    • =It is a process in which a picture is converted into a digital file
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