Study-Flight Controls

  1. What does the FLAP POWER caution light indicate?
    Loss of hydraulic pressure in the flap power unit during flap extension or retraction
  2. What is the function of a spring tab?
    To provide aerodynamic assistance to the main control surface
  3. How is roll control provided at speeds above 140kts?
    Ailerons and inboard roll spoilers
  4. How are spoilers normally retracted after touchdown?
    Flight/Taxi switch to TAXI
  5. What is the difference between the roll spoiler pressure switches and the roll spoiler push-off switch lights?
    They have the same function, but only the roll spoiler Push Off switch lights illuminate to indicate a jam.
  6. What is the function of the rudder pressure regulator?
    To decrease or increase rudder pressure at 140kts airspeed
  7. What must happen for the roll spoilers to to deploy after touchdown?
    Flight/Taxi switch to Taxi, weight on all 3 gear, and power levers retarded to 12 degrees above flight idle.
  8. What does the FLAP DRIVE caution light indicate?
    Primary flap drive failure. Flaps will continue to operate using secondary transmission shaft.
  9. How does flap selection effect rudder movement?
    Full Rudder at all setting but zero. Then deflection restricted to +/- 12 degrees for high speed flight
  10. During normal ops, which roll spoilers are disabled above 140kts? and what disables them?
    Outboard Roll spoilers

    The ADC
  11. What occurs when a spoiler PUSH OFF light is pushed off?
    The respective spoiler becomes depressurised.
  12. What happens when the stall warning computer test is held in the test position?
    Stick shaker and SLOW indication on the speed control indicator
  13. Can the rudder be locked?
    No, has gust protecting hydraulic damper
  14. Which spring tab is use for Aileron trim?
  15. In flight the rudder actuator normally receives how much pressure?
    • 1500psi below 140kts
    • 900psi above 140kts
  16. Which flight controls have gust lock protection?
    Elevators and Ailerons
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