1. What will happen if you change the altitude pre-selector while the ALT* is in capture mode.
    It will go into pitch mode and the ALT SEL will fall out.
  2. Does pressing the STBY push button in the flight guidance controller disengage the autopilot?
  3. Where do steering command come from when the autopilot is in NAV mode?
    The FGC
  4. What are the 6 conditions that will sounds the takeoff warning horn?
    • 1) Elevator trim not in takeoff range
    • 2) Park Brake Set
    • 3) Condition levers not at max
    • 4) Flaps not set for takeoff (5-15 deg)
    • 5) ECU not on TOP
    • 6) Spoiler panel not retracted
  5. If the #1 FCG is selected and a failure message appears, your actions should be what?
    Reset FCG CBs on the Avionics CB panel, and select #2 FCG
  6. Which advisory light does not illuminate when the caution/advisory light test switch is depressed?
    the pressurisation computer FAULT light.
  7. What component activates the over-speed warning horn.
    The Air Data Computer ADC
  8. When does the altitude off flag appear?
    And an ADC fails
  9. If a heading flag appears on your HSI, yo could expect to see what on your AHRS controller?
    The Slave light will illuminate
  10. The left Pitot tube provides information for which components?
    The Co-Pilot's airspeed indicator and the #2 ADC
  11. What is the only caution light that does not trip the master caution light?
  12. For ILS approaches, do not select the APP mode above what altitude?
    2500ft AGL
  13. On approach, the autopilot must be disengaged by what altitude?
    200 AGL
  14. What are the cockpit components of the AHRS system?
    • ADI
    • HSI
    • AHRS controller.
  15. What is the maximum radar alt indication?
  16. You cannot takeoff is the left or right AHRS is in what mode?
    Basic or Slave
  17. Can the autopilot be manually overpowered?
  18. What is the function of the HSI SEL button
    Selects which HSI and ADC will be used by the FGC
  19. Can an autopilot coupled approach be used with only a single engine?
  20. Where does the pressurisation computer/controller get static pressure information from?
    The Alternate static system
  21. What are the standard operating modes of the AHRS?
    Normal and Slaved
  22. What occurs when the attitude test switch is depressed on the ADI?
    10 degrees pitch up and 20 degrees bank right is indicated on the ADI
  23. How can you change from one AFCS to the other?
    Select L or R AFCS on the advisory display panel
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