Study-Fuel System

  1. What is the power source for the AUX fuel pumps
    Var Freq 115AC
  2. Fuel is fed into the engine from what part of the tank
    Collector bay
  3. Name the 4 situations when the AUX fuel pumps are used
    Defuelling, Fuel transfer, Takeoff and Landing, ENG FUEL PRESS light comes on.
  4. During pressure refueling, the amber master valve light located on the fueling panel will be?
  5. How is fuel transferred from the tank to the collector bay?
    The 3 scavenge ejector pumps, and the one-way flapper valve at the bottom of the collector tank.
  6. What is the cockpit indication of an engine driven fuel pump failure?
    Engine Flameout!
  7. The ENG FUEL PRESS caution light comes on at what pressure?
  8. What will happen if electrical power is lost during refueling?
    All valves will close and refueling will cease.
  9. When does the FUELING ON caution light illuminate?
    When refuel or defuel is selected on at the fueling panel.
  10. Boost and scavenger pumps receive motive flow from where?
    Excess fuel bypassed from the HMU
  11. If electrical power is removed from the fuel gauges, their indications will do what?
    Return to zero
  12. Is it possible to close the fueling bay door with the switch still on?
  13. What happens when the fuel boost ejector pump pressure falls below 5.5psi?
    A pressure switch at the inlet illuminates theĀ  the appropriate ENG FUEL PRESS caution light
  14. How many fuel probes are in each tank?
  15. The pilot action for ENG FUEL PRESS caution light is to do what?
    Turn on the appropriate Aux Fuel Pump
  16. What is the purpose of the pilot valves?
    To ensure fuel shutoff if the automatic process fails.
  17. The surge bay is pressurised by what means?
    Ram air via NACA vents
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