antibiotics shorthand

  1. B-lactams classes include
    • penicillin
    • cephalosporin
    • cephamycin
    • carbapenems
    • monobactam
  2. what is mechanism for B-lactam classes
    inhibits PG synthesis of cell wall
  3. what is mechanism for vancomycin
    inhibits cross linkage of PG layers
  4. what is mechanism of daptomycin
    causes depolarization of cytoplasmic membrane, disrupting ionic gradient
  5. what is mechanis of bacitracin
    inhibits bacterial cytoplasmic membrane and movement of PG
  6. what is mechanism of polymyxins
    inhibit bacterial membrane
  7. what are the antibiotics that are involved with inhibiting protein synthesis
    • aminoglycosides
    • tetracyclines
    • macrolides
    • clindamycins
  8. what is mechanism of aminoglycosides
    produce premature release of peptide chains from 30s ribosome
  9. what is mechanism of tetracyclines
    prevent polypeptide elongation at 30S ribosome
  10. what is mechanism for macrolides and clindamycin
    prevent polypeptide elongation at 50S ribosome
  11. what antibiotics inhibit nucleic acid synthesis
    • quinolones
    • rifampin 
    • rifabutin
  12. what is mechanism of quinolones
    bind and inhibit topoisomerases
  13. what is mechanism of rifampin and rifabutin
    prevent transcription by binding to RNA polymerase
  14. what is mechanism of sulfonamides
    inhibit dihydropteroate synthase and disrupt folic acid synthesis
  15. what is mechanism of trimethoprim
    inhibit dihydrofolate reductase and disrupt folic acid synthesis
  16. what are the antibiotics that are antimetabolites
    • sulfanomides
    • trimethoprim
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