CMPM 5P Midterm

  1. What is a program?
    A program is a sequence of instructions that specifies how to perform a computation.
  2. Input
    Get data from the keyboard, a file, or some other device
  3. Output
    Display data on the screen or send data to a file or other device.
  4. Debugging
    The process of tracking errors (Bugs) down and correcting them
  5. Variable
    Name that refers to a value
  6. Statement
    An instruction that the Python interpreter can execute
  7. Expression
    A combination of values, variables, operators, and calls to functions
  8. Assignment Statement
    A statement that assigns a value to a name (variable)
  9. Concatenation
    To join two strings together
  10. For Loop
    A statement used for repetition of statements in the body of the loop
  11. Function
    A sequence of statements that executes when called
  12. Fruitful Function
    A function that returns a value
  13. Argument
    A value provided to a function when the function is called
  14. Flow of Execution/Control Flow
    The order in which statements are executed during a program run.
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