1. There are 2 position lights on each wingtip. Which is primary
    The forward one
  2. How many static wick on the wing tips
    • Left 5
    • Right 4?
  3. How many Static wicks on the Rudder
  4. How many Static wicks on the Hori-Stab
    3 on each side (6 total)
  5. Where do the emergency lights receive their power from?
    6 Nickel Cadmium battery packs mounted behind the wardrobe in the cabin ceiling
  6. What is the max amount of time the landing lights can be on during ground ops
    5 mins
  7. Where is the light switch for the baggage compartment
    F/As lighting panel
  8. Where do the emergency batteries receive their recharging power from?
    28V DC right secondary bus through the emergency lighting control bus
  9. Under what conditions must the crew use oxygen
    • Cabin altitude above 10,000ft,
    • Fuselage fire or smoke emergencies
  10. What is the minimum dispatch pressure of the passenger portable Oxygen bottles?
  11. Where are the portable passenger Oxygen bottles?
    Forward right stowage compartment in the cabin
  12. What is the normal pressure for the crew Oxygen bottle?
  13. How can you tell if you have low pressure in the Oxygen line leading to your mask?
    Green indicator will disappear
  14. What is the minimum dispatch pressure for the crew Oxygen bottle?
  15. Should the crew oxygen masks be set to dilute or 100% during the pre-flight inspection?
  16. How long would a full (1800psi) bottle for PAX use last for 2 PAX?
    30 mins total when 2 PAX are connected to it.
  17. What is the significance of the 1300psi minimum for the pilot Oxygen bottle?
    Provides 2 pilots with 2 hours use in "On Demand" mode.
  18. How many masks can be hooked up to one PAX oxygen bottle?
  19. What does a missing green disk mean on the right front of the fuse?
    Crew Oxygen bottle discharge due to over pressure.
  20. What is the size of the portable Oxygen bottle for the crew?
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