1. Most Anti-Ice equipment receives power from where?
    115VAC Variable Freq Bus
  2. Why is it important to turn off the DC external power when the GPU is not producing sufficient power?
    It will flatten the battery
  3. The Batteries are rated at how many amps?
  4. If DC ground power is still providing power to the electrical system, will a DC generator come online after engine start?
  5. What conditions will close the Main Bus Tie automatically?
    DC External power connected, or only one DC Gen online
  6. What is the function of the TRUs?
    To convert variable frequency 115VAC to 28VDC
  7. Will the AC Generators be online when the props are in feather?
    No, Gens turning to slowly
  8. What happens to the main bus tie when the DC BUS caution light illuminates?
    It opens
  9. The Left TRU supplies power to which bus
    The left secondary Bus
  10. The DC Gens are rated at how many amps for ground ops / flight ops
    • 210 on the ground
    • 300 in flight (ram air cooled)
  11. The minimum battery voltage for start is what?
  12. How are the TRUs cooled?
    Fans in the nose where the TRUs are
  13. If there is no DC source from anywhere, will the AC system be powered?
    No, the AC control circuits are powered from the DC bus.
  14. At what voltage does the over-volt protection lock out the external power?
  15. The battery voltage is rated at what?
  16. How are the AC gens cooled?
    Engine Oil
  17. If 2 inverters fail, what is the pilot action?
    Monitor the load on the remaining inverter.
  18. When operating on essential service only, what is powered?
    • L and R Essential.
    • L and R fixed freq 115VAC
    • L and R 26VAC fix freq buses
  19. Which buses are powered directly from the TRUs
    Secondary feeder buses
  20. Why is the max load reading for the DC gens only 0.7 on the ground
    Overheating as they are ram air cooled.
  21. Which buses are powered directly from the DC Gens
    The main feeder buses
  22. What do the TRUs do
    Convert 115V Variable Freq AC to 28VDC
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