Study- AC and Pressurization

  1. Can the forward outflow valve be opened on the ground?
  2. What is the difference between the forward outflow selector and the manual increase knob
    Both open the forward outflow valve, but the manual knob allows for a modulated opening.
  3. How to you change from fully automatic mode to semi automatic mode for the pressurization system?
    Cab Set/Norm switch to Cab Set
  4. Can the flight compartment fan be switched on in flight
  5. When electrical power is first supplied to the aircraft, the pressurization fault light will illuminate for how long?
    2 Secs
  6. at 25,000ft the cabin alt should be what?
  7. What happens to the rear outflow valve on touchdown?
    It opens
  8. Does the pressurization toggle have to be in manual for the manual increase knob to work
  9. What are the 4 modes for the pressurization system
    • Fully Auto
    • Semi Auto
    • Manual
    • Dump
  10. What is the cabin rate of change when the rate knob is in the detent index
    • 500fpm climb
    • 300fpm decent
  11. What is the automatic feature associated with the AIR COND PACK HOT caution light?
    All engine bleeds to the pack shut off
  12. How can smoke be evacuated form the cabin area.
    Norm/Cab Set to Cab Set and select a higher altitude, or select rear outflow valve to DUMP using AUTO/MAN/DUMP switch
  13. If operating with only essential services, how can the aircraft be de-pressurized?
    Forward outflow valve must be used as the rear needs bleed air to open.
  14. CABIN PRESS warning light indicates what?
    That the cabin altitude has exceeded 10,000ft
  15. What occurs when the pressurization toggle is set to AUTO?
    The rear outflow valve is controlled by the pressurization computer.
  16. What percentage of AC air goes to the flight deck
  17. Why should the forward outflow valve be slightly opened before selecting toggle to manual when transitioning to automatic?
    To prevent a pressurization bump
  18. What is the position of the rear outflow valve when the aircraft is on the ground and the A/C is running
  19. Can pressurization be maintained with only one bleed source?
  20. What happens when the pressurization toggle is selected to the manual position?
    Rear outflow valve closed and pressurization is accomplished by modulating the forward outflow valve.
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Study- AC and Pressurization
Study- AC and Pressurization