1. What happens if APU is left on for takeoff?
    Shuts down automatically with WOW switching
  2. Do the cockpit and cabin controls for AUTO and MANUAL modes also work when APU is supplying the bleed air
  3. If the yellow STARTER light and the green RUN light are both illuminated after the start, what are your actions.
    Remove APU power
  4. Which buses are supplied by the APU
    All DC buses via the Right Main Feeder Bus
  5. What is the meaning of the yellow WRN light on the APU Generator switch
    APU Gen is offline or failed
  6. When id the APU fuel supply available for use?
    As soon as the APU power switch is pushed
  7. What does the RBY OHT light mean
    Rear bay with the APU has overheated
  8. What are the 3 conditions that cause the APU caution light to illuminate?
    1- APU has been shutdown by the ESU due to a malfunction or fire

    2- APU fire detection test has been conducted

    3- APU Generator is not online or has failed
  9. From where does the APU get it's fuel supply
    Gravity feed from Left collector bay
  10. When an APU fire or overheat is detected what happens.
    APU shuts down automatically
  11. Name the 3 ways to shutdown the APU
    1 - Normal shutdown with PWR switch

    2 - Overspeed test switch

    3 - Pushing APU fire test switch
  12. What is the advisory light indication of an unsuccessful APU start?
    Illumination of Yellow FLR light on APU power switchlight
  13. How long must APU be running before switching the bleed air on (company requirement)
    2 mins
  14. APU fire initiates what when detected?
    Automatic shutdown and discharge of fire bottle
  15. What happens when there is insufficient APU Fire Extinguisher bottle pressure?
    APU will not start. Can be checked with APU fire test. APU Bottle Pressure yellow light will not illuminate
  16. Following an automatic shutdown or failed start, how long does the ESU inhibit starting for?
    2 mins
  17. What are the rules for attending and starting the APU with fueling etc
    APU must be attended during pressure refueling and with passengers on-board

    APU must not be started whilst refueling and must not be used at all when over wing refueling
  18. How can the DC load on the APU be checked?
    By selecting the DC SYSTEM monitor panel selector to GEN 2 and pressing the DC LOAD METER on the APU control panel
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