251 Lab 1

  1. Not known to cause disease in healthy humans
  2. Associated with human disease in healthy but easily contained. Transmission through percutaneous, ingestion, mucous membrane
  3. Disease may have serious or  lethal  consequences
  4. When do you wash hands? and where?
    • Before and after lab
    • in lab
  5. Inform   the   instructor   of   microbial   spills immediately, then?
    • Cover   culture   spills   with   paper   towels.
    • Soak with disinfectant immediately,
    • let stand for 10 minutes,
    • re-clean with new paper towel and,
    • dispose of all towels in autoclave bag.
  6. How are lab coats stored?
    In a plastic bag with name, then in the class bin to be autoclaved for next week
  7. When should goggles be worn?
    When working with liquid cultures
  8. What is the procedure for a fire?
    • Inform professor
    • Evacuate area
    • Pull fire alarm
    • Inform CSN security
  9. 3 domains all living organisms are grouped into
    • Bacteria
    • Archaea
    • Eukarya
  10. Microorganisms are _________, i.e., they can be found in every habitat on earth
  11. Solid media contains ______(derived from seaweed) in addition to the nutrients.
  12. ________ ________ media allow the growth of many microorganisms that do not need special growth factors
    General purpose
  13. _________ media contain special _____  _____ required by some microorganisms to grow.
    • Enrichment
    • growth factors
  14. _________ media is used to inhibit the growth of some groups of microorganisms and select for the growth of other microorganisms.
  15. Example of Selective Media
    Sabouraud’s dextrose agar
  16. _________ media show differences between microbial colonies based on their cultural characteristics (what they look like when growing in colonies).
  17. What 2 medias is Blood agar an example of?
    • Differential Medium
    • Growth Factor Media
  18. figure_010
    Alpha Hemolysis
  19. Partial hemolysis of red blood cells, green brown coloring
    Alpha Hemolysis (α)
  20. strep4
    Beta hemolysis
  21. Complete lysis of red blood cells, eat agar
    Beta Hemolysis
  22. colonies that are not hemolytic called? No reaction in surrounding medium
    Gamma Hemolysis
  23. cloudiness
  24. distinct and separated from other similar masses, it is called a _________(clones  from one bacterium)
  25. TSA
    Tryptic soy agar
  26. _________ _________, which are present in healthy individuals
    normal microbiota
  27. used as a nutrient source to allow microbes to grow
    Culture Media
  28. Discuss solid culture media. What makes it solid? What is the advantage for microbialgrowth.
    • Solid is solid at room temp
    • provides a flat, solid surface for inoculating and growing microorganisms
  29. property whereby an image in focus in a lower power will remain in focus when changing to a higher power objective
  30. ability to see 2 points as separate and distinct under the microscope?
  31. used with objective (100x) reduces this bending and distortion
    Immersion oil
  32. Image Upload 1
    Ocular lens
  33. Image Upload 2
  34. Image Upload 3
    Mechanical stage
  35. Image Upload 4
  36. Image Upload 5
    Condenser lens
  37. Image Upload 6
    Condenser Lens Adjustment Knob
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