1. What is the master key?

    • Don't talk as if you want to go home and discuss call of duty strategy
    • Talk in a way that shows your intent with positive energy
    • Show you aren't scared to go for what you want.
    • Give off playful, teasing kind of vibe.
  2. How to show intent? (3)
    • 1. Talk slower
    • 2. Hold strong eye contact
    • 3. Display a playful smile
  3. Psychological tricks not to be boring
    We are naturally lazy, and like to stay in our comfort zone, but to be memorable, we need to step outside it

    • 1. Wake up - make people excited when taking to you. Ask a question they don't expect.
    • 2. Show genuine interest - everyone wants to feel important. Look at them with curious look in your face as if you can't wait to hear every word that they're going to say
    • 3. Nod your head 3 times slowly - studies show that this will actually make them talk to you 3 to 4 times longer.
    • 4. Be spontaneous - it is exciting to be around people when you don't know what they are going to do next. Don't be too predictable. Start doing 1 or more spontaneous things every single day around people.
    • 5. Be curious
    • 5.
  4. How to keep a conversation going preliminary attitude tips (4)
    Locked safe. If you can crack the code you can get everything in the safe

    • 1. No one word answers - Do not respond to questions with one word answers
    • 2. Mindset - Maintain a mindset of excitement, even if you feel shy
    • 3. Make it a game - look at each social encounter as a game. It will always be successful because even if it doesn't end with the outcome you want, it will be a learning experience
    • 4. Develop thick skin - don't take the bad experiences personally. They might be nervous or in a bad mood themselves. Some people are cold rude scared or just not interested in talking.
  5. 3 things to talk about to keep a conversation going (3)
    • 1. Talk about the environment you're in.
    • 2. Talk about work
    • 3. Talk about their passion - key to deep a conversation. Once you figure out what someone's passion is just keep asking them questions and I'll probably keep talking about it

    Keeping a conversation going it's like being a detective. Just keep asking questions and mix in an occasional story and joke.
  6. FORD - keeping a conversation going
    • Family
    • Occupation
    • Recreation
    • Dreams
  7. HOT APE
    • Humor
    • Open body language
    • Touch
    • Attention
    • Proximity
    • Eye contact
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