NUR 141 #3

  1. Factors that contribute to personal hygiene.
  2. • Culture: americans bathe too much according to some
    • Communal bathing
    • • Socioeconomic Class: where are poor and homeless going to bathe?
    • • Spiritual Practices: Orthodx jews weird bathing rituals for women
    • • Developmental and Knowledge Level: advanced age can hinder good hygiene, mentally disabled, young kids
    • • Health State-dementia, or physically unable to bathe
    • Personal Preferences
  3. What are some purposes of bathing a patient?
  4. o assess patient and ask questions
    • o ask about bathing habits, normal hygiene practices, past surgeries ( note scars), note bruises
    • o helps patient to relax
    • o promotes circulation
    • o provides sensory input
    • o improves self- image
    • o builds nurse/patient relationship
    • o back rubs increase venous return, two hands up center of back, across the shoulders and down with palms
    • o touch
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