Criminal Investigation

  1. substances that cause fires to burn faster and hotter
  2. in which the subject performs the action of the sentance, contrasts with passive voice
    active voice
  3. soapy appearance of a dead body left for weeks in a hot moist location
  4. official permission to inspect a given property to determine compliance with city regulations, ex. compliance with fire codes
    administrative warrant
  5. statement containing some infomation concerning the elements of a crime, but falling short of a full confession
  6. occurrs when someone else makes a statment in a persons presence, where it would be logical for that person to make a denial if the statement falsley implicated him, but he does not deny the allegations
    adoptive admission
  7. integrated system, precusor to AFIS, that can alos incorporate biometric data such as latent palm prints and facial recognition
  8. justice system used in the US, establishes clearly defined roles for both the prosecution and the defense and sets the judge as a neutral party
    adversary system
  9. type f spyware used by advertisers to gather consumer and marketing info
  10. intentionally destroying or damaging any real or personal property, by fire or explosive, creating an imminent danegr of death or serious physical injury, where the risk was reasonably known or forseeable to the suspect
    agravated arson
  11. unlawful attack by some person to another to inflict serious physical injury
    aggravated assault
  12. postmortem cooling process of the body
    algor mortis
  13. drugs created by adding something or omitting something from an existing drug
  14. son of satan
  15. based upon prior knowledge or an affadavit showing PC that at some future time, certain evidence of a crime will be located at a specific place, warrant is constitutional if shown contraband or evidence will likely be at target location at a given time or event occurrs
    anticipatory warrant
  16. brazen robbery where suspect snatches iphone, ipad or other device from victims hands
    apple picking
  17. the survey and analysis of locations where electrical arcing has caused damage, to determine origin of fire
    arc mapping
  18. taking a person into custody in a manner authorized by law, to present that person before a magistrate to answer for the commisison of a crime
  19. malicious, willful burning of a building or property
  20. death or unconsciousness resulting from insufficient oxygen to support red blood cells reaching the body and brain
  21. unlawful threatening to harm a person, actually harming them, or unsuccessfully doing so
  22. links suspect with a crime
    associative evidence
  23. combat in which a weaker group attacks a superior group, but not head on, by targeting areas where the adversary least expects to be hit, causing great psychological shock and loss of life among random victims
    asymmetric warfare
  24. accidental death from suffocation, strangulation or chemical asphyxia resulting from O2 deprivation, fantasy, for sexual gratification
    autoerotic asphyxiation
  25. model of MV with high theft rate, placed in high crime area as "bait" for MV theft
    bait car
  26. currency for which serial numbers are recorded, placed so it can be added to any robbery loot
    bait money
  27. study of the dynamics of projectiles, from propulsion through flight to impact; the study of the functioning of firearms
  28. establishes straight line from one fixed point to another, from which measuremens are taken at right angles
    baseline plotting method
  29. actually hitting or striking someone
  30. interrogation technique where officer questions a custodial suspect without giving miranda, obtains incriminating statments, then gives Miranda Warning, gets waiver and repeats the interrogation to obtain the same statment (unlawful)
  31. powerful demon, subordinate only to satan according to satanists
  32. a trial before a judge without a jury
    bench trial
  33. original object, or the highest degree of proof that it can be produced
    best evidence
  34. motivated by bigotry and hatred against a specific group of people
    bias crime
  35. marrying another person when one or both of the parties are already married
  36. statistical study of biological data and a means to positively ID an individual by measuring their unique physical or behavioral characteristics, such as fingerprints
  37. dissemination of biological WMDs such as anthrax or smallpox
  38. internet currency used in online payment programs
  39. diabolical communion ritual performed by satanists that mocks and desecrates the christian mass
    black mass
  40. allows sex assault victims to retain their anonymity while sharing critical info with LEO, also permits victims to gather info without having to commit immediately to an investigation
    blind reporting
  41. study if bloodstains to assist in establishing spatial and sequential events that occurred during and after the act of bloodshed
    bloodstain pattern analysis
  42. opening a safe using cotton, primer cap, copper wire and nitroglycerin
    blowing (a safe)
  43. method of smuggling or concealing drugs inside a body opening, including rectum and vagina
    body packing
  44. soliciting and accepting bets on any type of sporting event
  45. professional shoplifters
  46. inside portion of a weapons barrel, surrounded by raised ridges called lands and recessed areas called grooves
  47. testimony tactic that allows a witness some leeway and allows him or her to retain credibility, provide a range ex. 40-50 feet
  48. entitles the accused to info as provided by statutes of a stateĀ  and disclosure of exculpatory evidence
    Brady rule
  49. using a machine to record converstations within a room without the consent of those involved
  50. authorized sweep of areas immediately adjoining the place of arrest, justifiable when reasonable suspicion exists that another person might be present who poses a danger to arresting officers and is constitutional
    Buie sweep
  51. form of behavior that consists of negativeacts carried out repeatedly over time and involves real or perceived imbalance of power, with the more powerful child or group attacking the less powerfull
  52. burglar tool, generic key used along with another mechanism to apply force to open a lock
    bumo key
  53. unlawful entry of a building to commit a crime
  54. opening a safe using a burn bar or other safecracking device to burn a hole into a safe to gain entry
    burning (a safe)
  55. check fraud in which the perp first deposits a fake check that appears genuine to a real account, into an actually genuine bank account. Immediately thereafter, the perp withdraws the funds from the account where the fake check was deposited. once the fake check has been discovered as a fraud by the institution, the account has been "________"
  56. diameter of a weapons bore, as measured between the lands, as well as the size of the bullet for use with the specific weapon
  57. large scale removal of funds or capital from a country; not to be confused with money laundering
    capital flight
  58. taking of an MV by force or threat of force
  59. theft of items from unlocked cars
    car shopping
  60. make an impression using plaster or similar substance, also the physical reproduction of such an impression
  61. chain of evidence
    chain of custody
  62. documentation of what has happened to evidence from the time it was discovered until it is needed in court- every person who has had custody of the evidence
    chain of evidence
  63. an adult, hetero or homo, prefers young boys or girls of specific limited age range, used synonymously with pedophile
    chicken hawk
  64. violation of a child, lewd lascivious acts, indecent exposure, incest, etc.
    child molestation
  65. opening a safe by cutting a hole in the bottom large enough to remove the contents
  66. business, usually a body shop, that dissasembles stolen MVs and sells the parts
    chop shop
  67. in time sequence
    chronological order
  68. evidence from which inferences are drawn, fact or event that tends to incriminate a person of a crime
    circumstantial evidence
  69. persons degree of risk of being sued, any person acting under authority of law can be sued for violating ones constitutional rights
    civil liability
  70. features that place an item into a specific categaory- ie the size and shape of a tool
    class characteristics
  71. the ratio of crimes solved to crimes reported
    clearance rate
  72. concealing a hyperlink beneath a legitimate clickable content, which when clicked, leads to the hidden execution of unintentional actions, such as downloading malware or sending personal info
    click jacking
  73. a crime in which stolen MVs are given copied VIN #s to assume the identity of legally owned, non-stolen, MVs of a similar make and model
  74. requires only a yes or no or other short answer and should be avoided during INTERVIEWS, not to be confused with a direct question
    closed ended question
  75. staying within a few steps of the subject or keeping the subject in sight when it is extremely important not to lose the suspect
    close surveillance
  76. a robbery carried out at the end of the business day
    closing robbery
  77. commonly found at raves
    club drugs
  78. the idea that victims of violence need to surround themselves with others who are aware of the situation and can be an extra set of eyes or ears- an extra layer of protection
  79. interviewing technique that helps victims or witnesses put themselves mentally at the scene of the crime
    cognitive interview
  80. involves churches, schools, barns, stores, offices, warehouses etc
    commercial burglary
  81. philosophy that police must work with the community through partnerships and problem solving and that by working together they can accomplish what neither can accomplish alone
    community policing
  82. uses a protractor to measure the angle formed by two lines
    compass point plotting method
  83. has been properly collected, identified, filed and continuously secured
    competent evidence
  84. accurately represents what it purports to represent, is properly identified, placed in chain of command and secure until court
    competent photograph
  85. person who requests an investigation, often the victim
  86. involves the addition, deletion, change or theft of info
    computer crime
  87. program created to infect other programs with copies of itself, attacks, attatches itself and becomes part of another executable program
    computer virus
  88. avoiding wordiness, making every word count without leaving out facts
  89. nonfactual, drawing inferences, to be avioded in polcie reports
    conclusionary language
  90. infor supporting elements of a crime and attested to by any person involved in the crime, can be oral or written, must be voluntary- no threats, promises or rewards
  91. obtains money or property by a trick, device or swindle that takes advantage of the victims trust in the swindler- offers a get rich quick scheme
    confidence game
  92. an indivdual who has previously provided info to the police which was corroborated and used
    confidential informant
  93. adjective describing words that have an emotional effect, meanings that impart positive or negative overtones
  94. phenomenon where media publicity of an event inspires more such acts or events
    contagion effect
  95. post-crime transfer of material to or from evidence
  96. what is said in a narrative, as oppossed to form, which is HOW a narrative is written, factual, objective, and complete
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